26 March 2007

And So the Romance Blossoms

Avah: we need to spend some time kissing too
Avah: that's what i've been thinking about
Kyle: my god, yes!
Kyle: lots and LOTS of kissing
Kyle: endless kissing
Avah: yay
Kyle: you're adorable...and sexy...and sweet
Kyle: of COURSE i want to kiss you and hold you close
Kyle: lots of cuddlng

Kyle: you are so much fun!
Kyle: i'm very lucky
Avah: you are too
Kyle: i feel very lucky
Avah: i'm just as lucky
Kyle: thank you, baby

Kyle is...amazing. He's so wonderful, and charming, and attentive. Who wouldn't want to spend time with this man?

But I'm so terrified of letting this develop. I don't want to be left wanting and broken hearted again. I'm so scared I'm left breathless thinking about it.

But how can I turn my back on this. This wonderfulness. This connecting. This electricity between us. Who doesn't love the feeling of a budding romance?

There's just something about him that seems right. It just clicks. We just fit.

2 dates. And flirting online.

And it's not that I fall for guys easily. I don't. I've dated other guys for weeks and months without feeling anything for them.

I've never felt a spark like this though, this soon, this intensely.

And wouldn't it be better to take the chance rather than wonder "what if?"

Here's to taking the plunge....

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Anonymous said...

I dunno Avah... This gets me worried for you... you've been "out" with him twice, once getting to know him and then having sex with him. He's canceled twice, and is very comfortable having a great thing with you through IM. Be careful, this doesn't sound great to me. You deserve nothing but someone who adores you. Don't settle for less!