20 February 2007


"Red is a word you can use, as is yellow" he whispered in my ear as his hand firmly slapped my pussy and inner thighs.

My legs fought intensely against my bindings to close as I suffered under his heavy hand.

Soft fingers tweaked and pinched my nipples, occasionally diverting attention from my pussy.

He fed me his cock as he murmured words of what a good slut I was.

Ropes were undone and I was flipped onto my knees where I was tied down again.

He stood behind me, slapping my ass and grabbing my legs making me grunt and moan.

I cried out loudly as he caught a sensitive spot.

"Is that a yellow?"

I'm not one to voluntarily use a safe word, but since he offered...

His fingers probed my pussy and I moaned into the mattress.

"I think I'm going to fuck this slut now. Do you want to get fucked?"
"Say it."
"I want to get fucked."
"Do you want to get fucked hard?"
"Beg me."
"Please fuck me hard."
"That's a good slut."

He grabbed my hair hard and thrust into me, pounding me until I came again and again.

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