21 February 2007


Jefferson slicked his hand with lube and knelt between my legs.

He pushed two fingers deep in my pussy, manipulating my g-spot just the way I love it.

I moaned and growled loudly, jerking as I came over and over.

My body was coated in a slick sheen of sweat as Jefferson worked another finger in.

I lost control as wave after wave ripped through my body.

White knuckled, I groaned as he worked a forth finger in.

I whinged as my body got closer and closer to the edge.

My hips jerked up and I screamed as a powerful orgasm struck me.

Jefferson quickly covered my mouth with his hand.

"Shhh...there are sleeping children on the other side of the wall."

I continued to scream into his hand until the orgasm let go of control of my body.


swordfish155 said...

This really doesn't have anything to do with this posting, but I thought you'd like to hear something nice about your blog. I was on vacation recently, away from email and computers, and found that your postings were one of the few that I really missed. You write things for better or for worse, which is refreshing.

At some point in November or December, did you post something about your favorite lube? Can't seem to find it.


glengarryleads said...

Is this the part where a guy busts in and threatens Jefferson with a sword? Whoops, wrong article.

Anonymous said...

I have a sinking feeling that I was the sleeping child, so to speak.

Avah said...

Lol. No, he was talking about the neighbors.

This was still early in the night.

Anonymous said...


Thank God.

Even so...I did wake up to some screams the next morning.

I was disconcerted.

Avah said...

Haha. Sorry 'bout that. We kinda had some things to work out.

I wasn't that loud, was I?