20 February 2007

Revisiting Mimi

A couple sex parties passed since I'd last seen Mimi and much to my chagrin, I ended up having to face her again.

But being oh so skilled at passive-aggressiveness, it was my resolve to simply ignore her; pretend she wasn't there.

Except, as I found out, it wasn't quite as necessary. She was less...juvenile and far less obnoxious.

The morning after the party we even...*Gasp* talked! And had things in common.

I fully believe if you put any two college-age people in a small kitchen together, they're bound to find something to talk about.

Even an Emo girl and, well, me (totally not Emo).

I still had some reservations, but as I put it to Jefferson that afternoon, "She didn't suck this time."

Well, wouldn't you know at the next party we're even poking fun of Jefferson together. And I'm sure he probably preferred when we didn't acknowledge each other, lol.

And as it turns out, we both really, really love our dogs. And I just can't hate anyone who loves dogs!

"Well, Mimi sucks less and less each time," I said, smirking, to Jefferson as we waited for the elevator.

He laughed. "I'm glad to hear that."

See, even I don't suck so much!


Josh Jasper said...

See, even I don't suck so much!

That's not what *I* heard ;-)

Anonymous said...


Should I thank you?

Everybody hates me when they first meet me. It’s a common thing. I don’t know how to talk to people, which I think is pretty apparent. According to friends, I also come off as a bitch.

By the way, I was totally kidding about the keg, which I suppose you didn’t know at the time…I don’t even drink real beer, which I often get shit for. But as a rule, I’m almost never serious, even when I sound serious. I’m pretty sarcastic and/or patronizing. It’s how I deal with the world. You’ll know when I’m being serious, like when I speak of Marty (my pooch), whom I spent the weekend cuddling with.