20 February 2007

I Can't Make This Stuff Up!!

"Great, it's 1AM. I wanted to be asleep an hour ago!" Noelle says as we're getting ready to sleep last night.
"And who's fault is that?"
"Hey, I didn't come up until 12:30!"
"And now it's 1:10."
"And then I took a shower, you could have gone to sleep at any point."
"Shhh...stop talking you're prolongating my sleep."

I pause, replaying the last sentence in my head...prolong...what?

"What did you just say??"
"Crap, I was hoping you wouldn't notice!"
"Did you just say prolongating??"
"Wow, you're seriously dyslexic, Noelle."

God we laughed so hard there were tears. Many, many tears.

I'm so glad we're roommates now.

That and smothering her face with my boobies this morning. Ahhh.... :-D

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

us listening to spanish music...
me laughing

you: what?!
me: you're white
you: yeah so are you....
me: at least I'm really spanish
you: I have spanish in me.....
me: just because you've HAD spanish in you, doesn't mean you HAVE spanish in you

haha :)


ps. you're an ass