17 February 2007


I didn't care what you did for a living.

I didn't care where you were from.

I didn't care what your religion was.

I didn't care what you did or didn't do Friday night.

I did care that you were never honest with me.

I did care you made me fall in love with someone who wasn't real.

I can still recall the way my heart would flutter as I'd look into your eyes.

"Doofus, my love. I love you." [Obviously I didn't call him Doofus, but that's his blog name]
"Baby. Avahqinha, te quiero. Te amo."

I still miss our Friday nights at the movies.
And how much you loved my lasagna.

What I wouldn't give to sleep snuggly next to you, night after night.
What I wouldn't have given for you to just tell me the truth.

I was so in love.
A part of me still is.

Be by my side, care for me, make love to me.
But DO NOT lie to me.


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