18 February 2007

Every Girl Needs This!

So I must be ovulating because I'm crazy horny today.

I got off 3 times in a row earlier and I still might go back for more.

An extremely rare occurance for me.

What's my toy of choice?

Hitachi Magic Wand. Something everyone should have.

And I figured I'd take the opportunity to share that it's cheapest at Amazon. Yes, that's right.

You can thank me for the tip by buying it through that link thus kicking a few cents my way.

We also gotta discuss the Rock Chick, courtesy of Vibrator.com, but that's for another post...


Ignore those kids said...

Amazon is the biggest retailer of sex toys in the world right now. As a Texan, who can only buy "educational devices" locally, I say "God Bless America!"

The hitachi magic wand is now the default birthday gift that we give our girlfriends. I think the current record for her to go from nothing to orgasm with that thing is about 1 minute. Good times.

Josh Jasper said...

I have female frirends who swear more by the Wahl Coil vibrator uh... massager.

SeaRabbit said...

I got one a few months ago and used it as a massage tool... I used it sexually on my partner to have him cum into less than 30 second... For the first time yesterday, I tried it on me... It took me that long because of the strenght of the vibrations... I can take his full fist, but that, I wasn't sure... but it is magical... really well named.. ;-)

Alice said...

I think something is in the air...