23 February 2007


Dreams are strange.

Well, mine are at least. And I have been having a lot of dreams lately. I really should remember to write them down all the time. Because I forget them. Duh.

Even last night's dream is really only bits and pieces and more memories of how I felt rather than what happened.

But I dreamt I was getting married. And it was a spur of the moment thing that my sisters planned for me. My half sisters on my dad's side. And therefore my mom and step-dad and those sides of the family weren't invited.

And although it wasn't clearly spelled out, it did appear I was marrying Jefferson. But a Jefferson in his 20's.

And I remember stalling because I wanted my family to be there and my sisters kept pushing me to get the ceremony started. I felt like I was waiting for something else too, like waiting for Jefferson to arrive.

I remember standing in a small back room in a wedding gown, and it was really crowded and bustling outside.

I'll have to analyze this because I'm not really sure what it means at this point.

I haven't really been giving my sisters much thought these days, so I'm not too sure why they popped up last night.

So I dunno, but at least it's written down now so I won't forget any more of what happened.


Josh Jasper said...

That is strange. But it also makes some sense, given what you've been writing about.

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