23 February 2007


Evangeline braced herself against Mark as Jefferson knelt by her feet, his fingers deep in her pussy. Her head leaned on his shoulder, her mouth parted as she moaned her pleasures. I watched her chest heave- pressing against the confines of herburgundy red corset.

Mark's head tilted back, biting his bottom lip, as Jefferson knelt at his feet, his cock deep in his mouth. Mark wrapped his arm around Evangeline, his other hand resting lightly on Jefferson's shoulder. Tyler came and embraced Mark from behind, rubbing his tight chest and stomach.

Jefferson worked his fingers in Evangeline's pussy as his free arm wrapped around Mark's legs. He sucked Mark's cock with abandon, slurping and moaning as his head bobbed up and down.

I admired the beautiful scene next to me, but hands caressing my body brought my attentions back to the people around me.

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