18 January 2007

Yay Painting!

So I just got back from my first painting class- and it was pretty cool. Well, we didn't do anything yet, but he just talked to us about things to get and what to expect from the class. The teacher seems really cool. Real easy going, jokes a lot.

And a bunch of my friends from my ceramics classes are in the class with me too! Yay! I did miss my ceramics friends.

Our first asignment is a landscape. I think for my referance I'm going to try and find something from The Americans in Paris book I got (from the exhibit at the Met). It should be here Friday, so I'll see if I can find something I like.

And, I actually think I'm going to try out oils. I'm not always getting the results I want from acrylics. Acrylics are flat, and sometimes that's good, other times I hate it. Adding gel medium helps beef the paint up of course. But I deffinately want to try oils. The teacher even said I can use both if I wanted.

I'm off to my drawing class in a few minutes, I hope the teacher is good here. And maybe more people I know are in that class too! That'd be awesome.

So far this looks like it's gonna be a good semester! Finally!


The Glengarry Leads said...

Oils are awesome. Because they don't start to dry immediately, you can work with them on your own timeline.


What kind of stuff do they cover in your ceramics class? I'm interested in getting in to that now.

Mitzi said...

Its so good to hear you excited about school!