11 January 2007

How Romantic

Jefferson and I spent the morning together, being all lazy in bed, napping and cuddling in between making love.

It was a bleak, fall day- cloudy skies and the threat of rain. Staying in bed is just the thing to do on those kinds of days.

It was a kids day for Jefferson and I joined him on his walk through the park as I needed to see the Vollard exhibit at the Met for class.

And despite the weather, I rather enjoyed our walk together. It was my first time really seeing so much of the park, and seeing all the well known areas: the Bethesda fountain, the Boat House, and other places I don't know the names of.

"This is nice," I said to Jefferson.
"You must be thinking it's pretty romantic, walking through the park together," he chided me.
"Actually, I wasn't..."
"You mean you were just enjoying nature?"
"Uh huh, but it's nice to know how you feel," I said leaning in to kiss him.

The rain held off until we reached the edges of the park. Ever the gentleman, Jefferson escorted me with the umbrella up the stairs of the Met to the door, kissing me sweetly goodbye.

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