12 January 2007

Watch and Learn

To tell this story, I need to give a bit of history...

I was in the middle of watching the Yankee play off series (year 2004, vs. Boston) when I got this random IM: Yankees suck.

'Scuse you?

Aparently it was someone I had spoken with before, from Alt.com. I'm still not sure to this day if that was really true.

But this man, Rick, some how...charmed (and I used that metaphorically) me into meeting him. He filled my head with promises of fulfilling my sexual fantasies- S/M, threesomes, girls, etc. And he'd throw in some gifts here and there as well.

I remember when we first met, I was nervous. I actually never got a good picture of him, so I didn't quite know what to expect. We met at a diner, and I got there first, and sat waiting. He came in and sat in the booth across from me, and all I could think was, "He's so not my type."

He was old (mid-thirty's), basically bald, with a big ol' pot belly. (And really hairy, as I learn later) (Let's remember I was 18, just starting college, and had only 2 lovers at that point in my life.)

Well, somehow, here it is 2 years later and we still speak. Because I still use him to get things I want. (It's not my proudest relationship)

The latest- fucking girls. It's only happened once because I'm not doing it again until I can figure out how to get out of fucking him as well. Just the girl, thanks.

I drove up the NY Throughway one Friday night this fall, armed with my whips and strap-on. I was gonna get some pussy!

But I had to get through fucking him first. I did my best as he did his...thing. But I really wasn't even close to getting into it. And he could tell.

"Is it because of Jefferson?"
"If you're asking me if I feel guilty, than no."

But if you're asking if I wish your hairy, sweaty body wasn't on top of me, than yes.

The girl was a little late as she got lost, but finally arrived and I got my chance to have fun with her.

Rick met her at the door and blindfolded her before bringing her into the room. I was prepped with the video camera he handed me. I filmed them as he brought her in, teasing her, kissing her, and having her suck his cock. I set it aside when he called me over to have my fun with her.

Her top had already been removed and I pinched her nipples as I kissed her.

We stripped her and got her on the bed. It was time for her to taste her first pussy.

For a first timer, I must say it wasn't too bad.

She did manage to make my clit ring fall out. And that damn bugger is hard to put back together!

Rick fucked her as I sat by the light trying to put the ball back into the post. I eventually had to get Rick to help. Once that was taken care of, it was my time to fuck her.

I straped myself in as Rick strapped the girl's arms into the restraints he had set up. I knelt between her legs, pushing them up and out wider. She moaned loudly as the length of me filled her and started fucking her gently.

I pumped my hips faster and watched as her breats bounced and cheeks flushed.

I leaned down, taking skin between her teeth, reveling in her grunts and squeals. Rick stood on the side watching and taking pictures.

I fucked her harder and smiled as I watched her cum. We flipped her around and she sucked Rick's cock as I fucked her from behind.

My hands held firmly on her hips as I pumped my cock in and out of her. She moaned and yelped as my hands struck her ass, quickly reddening it. I was warming it up to do more damage when I was done fucking her.

I fucked her as hard as I could until she came again.

I pulled out, wiping my brow, and grabbed my whips. I threw them on the bed next to her as I warmed her up a little more with my hands. When it was nice and rosy, I picked up my first (and favorite) flogger.

"Watch and learn," I told Rick. He clearly had no or very little experience with a flogger based on his feeble attempt on me earlier that evening.

Considering I'm still basically an amateur, I do a pretty decent job.

So, I did my stuff. She moaned and yelped as I worked the leather over her ass and back.

I switched to my cat after a bit and enjoyed her groans as the knotted ends bit her skin.

I tried Rick's paddle next (what he favors), but didn't get how to swing it right, and wasn't interested in trying. I went back to my trusty flogger and beat her until just before she'd call mercy.

That pretty much wrapped up the night. He and I dressed and headed out, leaving the girl as she was spending the night (at the hotel).

He filled up my tank (because I don't drive 2 hours on my own dime) and we parted ways.


Anonymous said...

I seriously do not understand why you have to go through a guy that you find disgusting to find girls to have sex with. I thought Jefferson is a good source for that kind of stuff.

Is it really that hard to find bisexual or lesbian girls to play with?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, upon further review, I see that it pre-dates Jefferson.

Note to self: Find two completely seperate girls seeking bisexual encounters and act as the middleman. Get laid twice. Hmm.

Avah said...


I did meet this guy before Jefferson (and before I knew what a sex blog was even!), but this story takes place in November.

And I suppose if I asked Jefferson for more threesomes, he could probably make it happen, but I don't ask. Cause I'm not so keen on sharing.

Finding bisexual girls and lesbians to play with may not be hard for some girls (like my friend/crush Gia) but I have bad luck. I've placed ads on CL, started profiles on all different sites and nada. Nada as in not even any responses.

So maybe there's something I'm doing wrong, who knows.

I also realized after re-reading the post, that people might think I don't like this guy just because of how he looks. That's not the case. He annoys the hell out of me! His jokes aren't that funny, they're kinda just rude, and not even to mention the fact that I've lost count how many times over the past 2+ years he's cancelled on me or stood me up! Without a freaking phone call or e-mail.

That's one of my biggest pet peeves.

Frank Spanko said...

My dearest Avah -

I enjoy reading your little collection of stories of your life. While I don't quite prefer the kinds of relationships that you engender, I certainly don't condemn them. After all, I'm basically a midwestern boy and, besides, I don't really exist.

However, I must take serious exception to your comment regarding the gentleman that this entry discusses. You refer to the gentleman, who you describe as "mid-thirties" as "old."


My dear, women don't reach their sexual peak until their mid-thirties, and men, although they peak younger, their far better at the craft during those years.

Trust me, my dear. Thirty-something is not old by any stretch. Take it from a spanko in his mid-forties.

Now that, I must say, is old.


Avah said...

Oh I certainly didn't mean to offend, Frank! I was just putting in the perspective of an inexperienced 18 year old.

My dear Jefferson is coming up on 43 this week, so my views have certainly changed in the past few years.