27 November 2006


The oil felt good on my skin as Callie rubbed it into my back and shoulders. It smelled good too and helped keep me in that haze.

My back started stinging though from the oil getting in my fresh cane marks.

"Jefferson, my back is stinging."
"Do you want me to wipe it off?"

He returned with a wet towel and cleaned off the oil from my back. My eyes closed in contentment and I sighed as the towel calmed my skin and Callie lightly massaged my scalp.

Jefferson sat on the floor by my head and we kissed sweetly as I was still recovering.

After a bit, Jefferson suggested it was time I fuck Mark.

“Oh, I thought you wanted me to fuck you tonight!” I joked.
“What?!” he squeaked. “You want to fuck me? I thought you never wanted to see me get fucked?” he stammered.
“I don’t. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to do it myself though.”

He looked like he was seriously contemplating it as I attached my smaller penis Mark had picked out.

Callie watched me closely, interested in how a harness worked.

“See, I learned a trick. I point the penis down because it rubs against the prostate for guys,” I told her as I adjusted my cock.
“Oh yeah?”
“Mmmhmm, and with girls, it can hit their g-spot if I leave it curved up.”

“You think about it. You can be after Mark if you want,” I offered to Jefferson.
“And get sloppy seconds?”
“My seconds are certainly never sloppy.”

I stepped into my harness and groaned when I realized the back of it would lie directly on my fresh welts. Callie helped me adjust it so it was right below them.

Mark and I lubed our selves, respectively and he turned on his knees at the edge of the bed for me. I stood on my tippy toes and slowly pushed into his ass, holding still and rubbing his back once I was all the way in.

Once he started moving around on me, I started gently fucking him. I held his hips lightly as I pumped mine. Mark moaned softly as I started fucking him faster.

I rubbed my hands over his back and shoulders.

The room was pretty quiet as people watched, but I was so focused on Mark, I never noticed what else anyone was doing.

Mark inched forward and I popped out of him. He turned on his back and smiled up at me as poised to re-enter. I squatted down and gently pushed myself in. I held on to his firm, muscular calves as I started fucking him again. My feet started sliding on Jefferson's new carpet, so I adjusted, taking a wider stance. They still slid no matter now I stood. I tucked my toes under the carpet and resumed fucking Mark.

Our eyes kept meeting and we'd smile and I'd giggle. And he has just the cutest dimples too, it's hard not to smile when you look at him!

Mark moaned and stroked his cock as I kept pumping mine in and out of his ass. He pulled me down close to him and kissed me. I adjusted my stance, pulling my legs together and gently moved inside him, as if making love. His fingers grazed my cheek as we kissed and he brushed my bangs out of my eyes.

My fucking slowed down to a stop and I adjusted to come out of him.

But I stayed in his arms, still kissing here and there and just relaxing.

The night winded down in to the early morning hours. People started heading home to get to bed for that work thing they do in the mornings. Not quite sure what that is...lol.

Jefferson got Callie more comfortable (Read: more naked) while Tyler and Mark made their acquaintances with her.

I sat (uncomfortably) snuggled next to Jefferson as I enjoyed the action going on on the bed.

Jefferson convinced Lolita to strip (despite the room being a bit chilly) and he provided the drum accompaniment as she slid off her pants and undies. He pulled her closer and slid his finger in her slit, opening it up and showing me her jewelry. He fingered herclit lightly, making a comment about how her jewelry clanks down there.

He sat up straighter and took Lolita's clit in his mouth. I watched her eyes close and her hands brace against the wall for support. I watched closely as Jefferson sucked and tongued herclit and listening to Lolita's moaning in response. She snorted even, and laughed. "That's when I'm really getting into it."

Jefferson relented, backing off her pussy. She dressed again (it really was chilly in there) and took her seat in a chair.

I stole a spot on the bed once a space cleared and Jefferson moved to make himself comfortable on Lolita.

Lolita on the other hand didn't seem so comfortable!

Jefferson had us switch places as he pushed me onto Lolita's lap. I tried to sit so I wasn't suffocating her.

Jefferson started playing roughly with my breasts and nipples, and instinctively I tried to push his hands away, but Lolita grabbed my wrists and held them firm by waist. Jefferson opened his nightstand and dug for a bottle of lube and coated most of his hand in it. He reached between my legs and shoved 2 fingers in my pussy.

I lifted a leg onto the bed to give him better access and started moaning and grunting as he went straight for my g-spot. His fingers fucked me hard hitting my g-spot and even deeper. I cried out noisely as he worked his fingers deep in me, cumming hard again and again very easily. He finally eased up and withdrew his fingers from my pussy. He went to go clean his hand and I just layed still sprawled on Lolita.

When I cought my breath and regained my composure, I moved to the bed.

The party was coming to an end and one by one the rest of the guests left until it was just Jefferson and me left in bed.

It was 3 AM and I was more than ready for bed.

Jefferson had to fill his stomach first.

After having a quick sandwhich, we retired to bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

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