28 November 2006

Change of Mind

I woke up this morning and decided I didn't want the tattoo I saw to be my 2nd one. It was a very beautifully and uniquly done fairy that I really don't know how to adequately describe. It caught my eye when I first saw it in September, and I really did love it just as much seeing it again.

But I kind of have this rule that my tattoos should mean something to me, and not just be something pretty. But that's my rule. And that's only because I don't plan on covering my whole body with tattoos. If I were, then heck yeah I'd put pretty things on me!

But my passion kanji means a great deal to me because I think it's so important to have passion in your life and it's something I wish I had more of.

And I was going to keep this to myself to surprise Jefferson, but I just couldn't this time. I'm so much more excited about my 2nd tattoo!!

I got another one and I love it! It's perfect! And it has so much meaning and it's awesome.

It's cherry blossoms, symbols of female beauty and sexuality, among other things.

I'll post pictures once I'm back at school and have my camera.

OMG it hurt like a son of a bitch though! I was whining and cursing through most of it! And I'd dig my fingernails into my hand to distract from the tattoo pain and now I have a dozen marks in each hand!

I don't know if I could do it again, lol. It really hurt. It was up there next to a hard caning. But like and hour and a half caning. Cause that's about how long it took!

So, yeah. Yay!!


PJay said...

Just curious if you really meant to say, But I kind of have this rule that my tattoos should mean something to men,

Or is that a typo?

Avah said...

Yes, it was a typo. Thank you for letting me know! I meant it had to be important to me of course.