17 November 2006


Yes, I broke order of events! This is actually from this week even though I still haven't written about things from October! I dunno, feels kinda good though, lol.

“Let’s go back to the other room,” Nate suggested after looking at the 4 person pile up already on Jefferson’s bed.

“You know, I’ve never had sex in this room,” I realized.
“Yep. Though there was some foreplay on the futon,” I said, giggling at my alliteration.

Bugs and I stood in front of Nate as he kissed us and held our hair firmly in his grasp.

I think Bugs went off by her friend Callie for a bit because soon Nate and I were naked on the futon. He laid down and directed me towards his cock which was already hard as I took it in my mouth. He moaned as I sucked him and after a little bit I heard the crinkle of a condom wrapper.

Nate grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up and got behind me as he pushed my shoulders down to the bed. I moaned as he pushed into me and my volume only increased as he continued to fuck me from behind.

I have a serious weakness for doggy style sex. Like woah.

I heard moans from the other room mix in with my own.

“Wait, wait, my head’s hitting the wall,” I laughed, scooting back a bit and adjusting the pillows.

Nate resumed fucking me and soon I was crying out even louder as I came.

He pulled out and positioned me next to him as Bugs joined us on the futon. They kissed as I sucked Nate’s cock some more. He tugged on my hair and pulled me back up to him to kiss him.

I suddenly sensed more bodies in the room. Well, that and the hand rubbing my thigh gave it away. I saw Tyler’s blue fingernails even in dark, so immediately knew it was him. His fingers found my nipple and gently started squeezing it.

“How hard is too hard?” he asked me.
“Um, I’ll let you know.”
“Ok,” he laughed.

I heard groaning and the sound of the leather hitting skin coming from Jefferson’s room and was curious what was going on.

But I was busy.

Thomas kneeled on the bed and guided my legs open and started fingering my clit.

Nate flipped onto Bugs and started fucking her.

Thomas leaned down and started eating me out. I was in heaven as Tyler pinched and squeezed my nipples as Thomas ate me out.

And he never got too hard.

They both backed off leaving me to catch my breath.

“Wow, that’s pretty impressive,” Tyler said to me. I just shrugged my shoulders and grinned.

We moved to the other room to see the action in there but found it was over already.

Emilee laid face down on the bed and I admired her reddened and striped ass.

For a moment I was acutely aware I was completely naked in a well lit and crowded room, but immediately pushed the thought out of my mind.

I sat on the edge of the bed, joining in on the rest of the conversation.

Mark mentioned wanting a snack and Jefferson offered up some Divinity.

“What’s Divinity?” we all wondered.
“You’ve never heard of Divinity? Well it’s this Southern treat I guess. It’s kinda like frosting,” Jefferson explained to us. “I have a whole bunch. Let me go get one.”

He ran to the kitchen and returned with a packed treat that looked like meringue with a pecan in the middle.

Jefferson laid me flat placing the dessert on my stomach, offering it up for people to taste.

“And I promise there’s no fish in it,” alluding to women sometimes acting as tables in some Japanese restaurants.

Mark went to try it first.

He kneeled down and took a bite making me giggle a little from being tickled.

He looked contemplative as he ate it.

“It really is like frosting!”

More people followed to try it after Mark’s approval.

Callie went to try it next.

“Ah ah, no hands! You have to eat it off of her,” Jefferson said.
“Oh ok, um…” she said as she tried to figure out how to go about it.

I giggled slightly again as she took her bite.

I was curious now and grabbed it to take a bite.

It was strange. It was like baked frosting. You bit into it and then it melted on your tongue like frosting does.

“Don’t like it?” Jefferson asked.
“No, it’s ok. It’s totally like frosting. I don’t know how someone could eat the whole thing!” I commented.
“I think it would be better to place it lower south,” Tyler suggested.
“Good point,” Jefferson agreed moving the piece closer to my pussy.

Then he smushed it and rubbed it all over my stomach.

“Aww man!”

Lolita took a taste too and smirked as I started giggling as she licked some crumbs up. Jefferson jumped on the opportunity and started licking and nibbling on my stomach making me giggle hysterically. I heard some people giggle as I squirmed and squealed underneath Jefferson.

When it got too much I tried to push him away but he held my arms back and gave my stomach a hard smack.

I whimpered but was muted as Jefferson fed me more of the divinity.

He tickled me more as he ate up the last of the crumbs and kept slapping me as I tried to wiggle away. He moved a hand to my breasts and squeezed and twisted them as the other held my hands above my head. He slapped my breasts hard too.

I moaned and whimpered more as he flicked and pinched my nipples. I hate when he flicks my nipples. I can take a lot of pain on them, but for some reason I can’t take that.

My head started reclining further off the bed as I wiggled underneath Jefferson’s rough fondling.

But I was in bliss as I started sinking into sub space.

Jefferson had to help someone with something for a second and asked Tyler to take over.

“You’ll just need hold her arms,” Jefferson suggested.
“Oh I don’t think so. You’ll keep your arms back, right?” he said to me.
I nodded my head, complying with basically an order.

Tyler worked his fingers over my nipples again making me grunt and cry out.

“Keep your arms back,” he’d order pushing them back when I’d try to cover myself.

“Are you still with me?” he asked, checking in.

I nodded my head yes.

He pinched me even harder.

Jefferson came back and stood behind me to hold my arms. With my head hanging off the bed, his cock ended up lining up perfectly with my mouth and I instinctively started sucking on it.

“I hadn’t even thought of that.” Jefferson said.

But he didn’t stand still for long as he went and grabbed some rope.

He started to bind my wrists when he stopped to ask Lolita for some help.

“What are you doing there?” Lolita asked.
“I was going to just tie them together.”
“I would just use one rope,” I offered.
“Just one?” he said trying it out.
“Here, I’ll show you,” she said.

I offered my wrists to her as she wove the rope around them.

“Does that feel ok?”
“Yeah,” I nodded.
“Is she a brat?” she inquired.
“Who, this one? Nah, she’s a sweet sub.”

She sounded doubtful.

“But she won’t go untying it with her teeth?”
“Oh, no,” Jefferson said and I shook my head in agreement.

“Lolita taught me some stuff,” Jefferson said as he pinched my nipples. “I learned new tricks. Turn over.”

I struggled as I turned over but managed onto my stomach.

“I like a high ass,” Jefferson ordered me.

I tucked my knees under me as Jefferson said to do.

He started slapping my ass, warming it up. I moaned softly and flinched a little as his hand stung my ass.

He grabbed the slapper and started showing me what he learned.

“See, I can do it lighter,” he said, demonstrating a gentle strike.

“And lower,” he said hitting me lower on my ass, a little bit harder.

Jefferson started hitting me harder making me moan and jump. He caught me hard on the side and I yelled out falling to my side.

“Yeah, that looked like it hurt,” Lolita said.

I returned to my knees once I recovered and he resumed again until he had Lolita take over.

Lolita traded the slapper for the braided cat. I sighed in pleasure as she worked the cat gently over my ass and back.

I started moaning louder as she worked it harder.

I cried out with each stroke and I felt my skin starting to dampen.

“Why are you being so loud? I’m not hitting you too hard, am I?”
“No!” I cried out.
“Do you like me whipping you?”
“Yes,” I said nodding my head.
“What was that?”
“Yes, I like it!” I said louder.

“You can cane her too,” Jefferson suggested to Lolita.
“Yeah, she’s nice and warmed up now.”

She picked up Jefferson’s cane and started tapping my ass lightly. I winced and groaned as she hit my ass with harder strokes.

The cane landed across the back of my thighs making me yell and fall flat on my stomach.

“Ooh, that area wasn’t warmed up,” Lolita said.

No, no it wasn’t.

With so many people in the room, there was plenty of chatter, making it harder for me to stay in subspace. Jefferson was trying to tell a story, but couldn’t get very far past the beginning. With my frustration from the distraction growing, I snapped at Jefferson.

“Would you get on with the story already!”


I screamed as Lolita got me right on the sweet spot where my ass meets the top of my legs.

God, the neighbors definitely could have heard that scream.

“She was being disrespectful to Jefferson,” she stated matter of factly as I still whimpered all coiled up.
“Get back up on your knees Avah,” Jefferson ordered me.
“It’s ok, let her recover.”

I eventually rolled back onto my stomach once the intense stinging died down.

“Don’t you want her on her knees?” Jefferson asked.
“No, this works too because gravity works in my favor,” she said starting to tap the cane on my ass again.

My body shook in fear. She gave me a few more medium strokes before Jefferson asked to take over.

“Look how nice and straight those lines are,” Jefferson admired. “Definitely the work of a pro.”

Jefferson tapped me lightly a few times before taking a killer (and crooked) strike at the very top of my ass.

Oh shit I screamed.

I was nearly in tears.

“That’s a tough spot,” Lolita said, sympathizing.

When I was ready and straightened out again Jefferson took another equally as hard strike crossing his last one vertically. I screamed even louder. I thought Jefferson might be winding up to get me on the other side, but I couldn’t.

My legs were bent up to protect my ass from another stroke and Jefferson was fighting to put them back down.

“No, no, no, Jefferson! Jefferson!” I cried. “Please…don’t.”

He put down the cane and lightly rubbed my leg.

I was still curled up, my body soaked in sweat, and I was sobbing as my back still throbbed. I grabbed Jefferson with my leg (my hands still being bound in front of me) and pulled him closer to me.

“Come here,” I pleaded.

He sat on the bed and took me in his arms, kissing me. Soon my body started to calm down and stopped shaking.

“I think I’m covered in juices,” someone said removing their foot from underneath me.
“No, that’s sweat.”

Funny thing is I’m not a big sweater. Not really during sex, when I exercise, or even when it’s hot (arm pits excluded in this). But when I’m getting and intense whipping or caning, my whole body gets damp.

“Oh my God it still hurts,” I was moaning minutes later.
“Callie, would you mind giving Avah a massage?” Jefferson asked.
“No, not at all. Is there any area you want me to concentrate on or avoid?” she asked me.
“My ass, avoid my ass,” I mumbled into the bed.
“Avoid your ass? Oh, well, yeah.”

Jefferson handed her some massage oil and I sighed in relief as her hands worked gently over my skin.

I did a search and found a recipe for Divinity if anyone’s interested in making the candy themselves! Enjoy!


Alice said...

Damn kid, good story.

Don'tWakeTheKids said...

Hey friend,

Now didn't that feel good? (Writing about more recent events, I mean.) I need to take a page from your book and get posting again myself.

Here's a shortcut recipe for Divinity. Now, my mama's from Mississippi, and it's definitely not the true, beaten with a wooden spoon for 30 minutes kind, but it's awfully darn close, and even my Memaw made it this way most of the time.

Have a great weekend!

Lolita said...

I enjoyed beating you.

Avah said...

:-D Thanks! I enjoyed being beaten as well!