25 October 2006

Doctor's Visit

So I saw a new psychiatrist today. He didn't suck. For $500 for an hour's evaluation, he better not!

Dare I say I even liked him?

He says he has a special interest in bipolar physiology. And he understands my skepicism over taking meds. But we'll talk next week about trying some new ones. I'm open to trying new ones. I think it's dumb to try ones I already know don't work.

He also understands why I freak when people say my generation could live to 115. And he understands why even living to 60 seems daunting to me.

He gets my conercen as well that I worry I could end up killing myself one day, and I'm scared it could be when I have a family and children, and there's the possiblity I could leave my children motherless.

He's expensive, but I like him, so we'll see.


Anonymous said...

The important thing is you are taking steps to take care of yourself. Take it one day at a time.

Does this doctor have a good psychopharmacologist that he works with?


Jefferson said...

For $500 an hour, I hope he's sucking your dick too.

Seriously, though: I'm glad he earned your trust.

Does he have space on his walls for a painting?