30 October 2006

Bearer of Gifts

“I have two surprises for you Friday! Aren’t you doubly excited now?” I wrote to Jefferson the Wednesday before getting together.

“Uh, YEAH!

Now I really can't wait until Friday. Thankfully, it's tomorrow.

I have something at the kids' school that will get me home about 10 or 10:30. Maybe I can leave my door unlocked and find you waiting in bed.”

I got to Jefferson’s building around 10:20 Friday morning and headed straight to his apartment and let myself inside, but was surprised to see him sitting on the couch with his laptop in his lap.

“You beat me!”
“Yes, on occasion.”

I set my stuff down on the coffee table and gave him a big kiss hello before doling out my presents.

“Ok, this I’ll bet you can guess what it is,” I said handing him a long brown paper bag.
“A kite? No, it’s a crop!”
“Mmm hmm. Now you can get rid of the broken one. And, here’s a piece of cake I made last night, for your sweet tooth. And for your artistic side…” I said pulling out a black plastic bag with 3 different colored candles.
“Wow, thanks honey.”
“You’re welcome.”

I like doing nice things for people. It makes me feel good to make people smile.

And Jefferson sure does have a nice smile.

I straddled his lap and kissed him. We made out like this for a bit and I ground my crotch against his as I got more and more turned on.

“Let’s get naked,” I finally suggested.

I pulled him off the couch and we moved back to the bedroom. Jefferson made a quick stop in the bathroom as I undressed.

I climbed into bed and kept the covers above my waist, hiding my tattoo for the moment.

He came in the room and stripped before climbing into bed with me.

We kissed passionately and intensely. My hands and legs drew Jefferson as close as possible to me as his hands caressed my face and ran through my hair.

I moaned as we kissed, aching to have him inside me.

Soon enough he threw the covers back and climbed between my legs to grab for a condom.

“Oh look, you’re tattoo is back,” he said as he rolled the condom on.
“Or is it?”
“Isn’t it?”
“Rub it....” (My temp one I had over the summer would rub off very easily)

He rubbed his thumb over it and I could see his face starting with that look of excitement.

“It’s real?!”
“Uh huh!” I nodded as I grinned.
“Oh wow! That’s so cool!” he said excitedly, his face totally lit up “When did you get it?”
“Last Friday.”
“Wow, it healed really fast.”

Once he finished admiring my new marking, he started fucking me.

And there’s not a whole lot write about that hasn’t already been described. It was good, hot sex served up vanilla style. It’s kind of how we’ve been lately.

We finished with a blow job and I made Jefferson cum with my mouth, trying to satiate him over the weekend when he had his kids.

“We didn’t have time to try out the new crop,” I pouted.
“Maybe we can try it out on Tuesday.”

Tuesday would be the return of the sex parties. After taking the summer off, Jefferson was ready to start them back up again, but only monthly now.

We cleaned up, put away all evidence of sex, and headed out together.

I had thought I might go to The Met to look at some paintings for class, but I was exhausted and headed straight home and right into bed for a nice nap.

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