07 October 2006

25 Peeps

Some time ago, this summer, I happened across this webpage called 25 Peeps. Bloggers submit their site along with a photo of them or a part of them to be placed on the front page in an arrangement of 25 squares, ordered by popularity. Those who aren't very popular, meaning they aren't getting clicks, get pushed off and new people move on the board.

So I submitted my blog and photo. And 23 days ago it appeared. Last night I got a message I had been knocked off. But I did last 23 days and generated 800 clicks! This placed me in the hall of fame too, #27 (out of 100).

Not too shabby if I do say myself. I might try it again, maybe with a different picture. Maybe a jucier picture. I'm really aching for some blog exposure, getting it out there and attracting new (and more) people.

But try it out with your blogs! It's cool, I swear.

1 comment:

Tiggr said...

Hi Avrah,

800 clicks? Are you kidding me? Geez, I'll have to take a peek, he, he, he... sounds like submitting another pic may be the trick... pretty cool!

Thanks for the pointer... you have a very, very good blog with lots of insights into your thought processes... fascinating... quite advanced considering your delicate age and being as such sort of "new" to all this stuff.

Don't be too hard on yourself, remember to relax and just be... I, too, have that problem as I am intense and passionate (both good things, but makes it tough to slow down and just smeel the flowers or feel the breeze or accept the hug in the moment).

Thanks for making me think so much!!! I love it!

Big hugs,