08 September 2006

In Dreams

"What are you doing?" I asked her as she picked at a lock inside the dark store.
"Shhh..." she responded. "This way the cops won't find you."

She didn't mean me though. It was her that was stealing and picking a lock.

I picked up items from the electronics store and put them in a grocery bag.

I watched her snip a wire on a lock and bolted with her when it set off the alarm.

I hurried away from the store with her, but walked casually to my car, confident I wouldn't be stopped because I had my things in a bag.

I watched her run and duck behind a car as a security truck raced to the front of the store.

When I got to my car in the back parking lot there were 2 young men right by my car where I noticed all my electronics (laptop, phone, camera) in plain reach! I hurriedly put them away, nervous about how close the men were to me.

My bag was on the side of the car next to them and I quickly grabbed it to add to my trunk.

But it turned out they were only scavenging for food.

"Are you guys hungry?" I asked them, looking in my car to find food.

They shrugged their shoulders.

"Here, have some fritos," I offered, handing them a Ruffles bag containing some chips
They took it and scurried off.

I left the parking lot of the stores by my house and next found myself in an apartment in New York.

I said goodbye to my girlfriends and walked down the stairs of a brownstone onto a busy New York street when I saw one of the men from the store.

I tried to pretend I didn't recognize him, but I saw he recognized me.

I was petrified. I couldn't run back inside for fear he'd follow me.

I called my friends upstairs frantically.

"Call the cops," they tell me.

I dial a number and get a music ringtone and then dial another number for Fire Response (I just saw "Just My Luck" last night) and get the dispatcher.

Except I'm back inside the apartment for some reason.

"Yes, there's this man outside I'm really afraid of and I recognize him from back in Jersey and I don't know how he found me in New York. I'm at 67th and, shit! What the fuck's the address here?" I shout at my friend.

"66th and Ams." she replied.

"I'm at 66th and Amsterdam," I relayed to the woman on the phone.

"Well we can't help you until you arrive."

"Arrive where?!"

Then I'm back on the street corner.

I hang up my phone as I see him approach me.

"Can I take you out for coffee?" he says.
"No that's ok."

I try to cross the street, but it changes to red and there's a stream of taxis blocking my way.

The light finally changes to walk and I try to loose him in the crowd.

When I get a little further down the street, I turn to see where he is and scream and try to run when I see he's right behind me.

But he grabs me and I fight back, scratching at his face and pounding on his chest. But he hits back, getting me in the face and breaking my nose.

We're in front of a crowded cafe and he's beating me up and is trying to bury me in big holes in the sidewalk but I keep fighting back.

Suddenly it's all over and I'm in another apartment in the city with my parents. We're celebrating my survival over dinner.

I go to the door to deadbolt it, scared of leaving it open after that ordeal.

The door starts being pushed open as I struggle to turn the lock.

I manage to shove the door enough to attach the chain on the door, and instantly the fight against the door stops.

Next scene I'm locking the door again, except as I'm turning the lock, my attacker pushes open the door and grins evilly at me. I scream and try to call for my mom as he grabs me.

I don't know if I was ever rescued because that's when I woke up and refused to go back to sleep.

If there are any dream interpreter people out there who could maybe have some insight on what that all means, it'd be much appreciated!

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la carpette said...

hello, i'm a french submissive, with the weblog "la carpette", i notice your link to my site....

Thank you for this... I've read a little about yours.... Good luck for you and your search...

Sincerity is the greatest treasure in the world.....

George said...

Avah ... I know nothing about dreams and wish I did. Your dream was beautifully written ... very surrealistic.

Avah said...

Bienvenue la capette. I browse your blog on occasion, but since I'm not yet fluent in French, most of what you write is lost on me unfortunately. I hope to some day soon read your and other French blogs with full comprehension.

Thanks George, I just wrote it as it had happend. And though from waking point it seems surreal, it felt very, very real when I was dreaming it. I couldn't get back to sleep because of how terrified I was. But I was able to interpret it though as you'll see in my new post.

George said...

Hello Avah ... I am glad you have figured it out. Wouldn't it be easier to get back to sleep if you had somebody to snuggle with? I have always thought so. Where's that warm body when you really need one?
Une autre chose ... je suis completement bilingue. Je peux t'aider avec le francais n'importe de quelle temps.
Dommage qu'on est trop loin de l'autre pour se rencontrer.