21 September 2006

Date Night

It was another gorgeous, sunny, August day. Probably the 10th in a row, at least. I stood at the top of the beach with my chair and beach bag in hand, scanning for a spot, preferably close to the water.

I found an opening large enough for my one self and weaved through the families to stake my spot.

I opened my chair and draped my towel over it. I exchanged my glasses for my sunglasses and slathered on my sunscreen before laying back and relaxing.

The woman next to me had her radio on and I smiled when it played a bunch of Janis Joplin and Bon Jovi.

That reminded me, I needed to download some Bon Jovi before Jefferson and Mitzi came down.

As I watched the waves, I pulled out my little lunch box cooler and took my chipwich sandwich I’d packed in ice and ate it quickly before it could melt in my hand. But once I finished, I decided I was thirsty. I grabbed my money and headed all the way to the snack stand, but half way across the sand, my feet were burning and I wished I had worn my sandals.

I raced across the rest of the beach and hopped from foot to foot on the hot wood walk way as I was stuck behind slow people.

As soon as I got to the shower area, I stood in a puddle and let out a big sigh of relief.

With my root beer in hand from the concession stand, I quickly made my way back to my seat.

I checked my clock, and I still had over an hour before I wanted to leave to get ready for Jefferson’s.

I avoided the water that day as it looked a little nasty (actually uncommon for my beach).

Instead, I just turned on my iPod and did some writing for the blog until it was time to pack up.

Showered, dressed, and packed up for the night, I headed to the train station and rode into the city.

When I get there, Jefferson and I retired to the bedroom almost immediately. We undressed and climbed into bed together.

Jefferson took me in his arms and kissed me deep, holding my face in his hands. I pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips, leaning down to kiss him. My hands ran over his chest and arms as I ground my pelvis against his. My breathing labored as I got more and more turned on.

For some reason, the foreplay was especially hot that night.

“I want to fuck you now,” Jefferson told me.

I climbed off of him as he grabbed for a condom and laid on top of me. He kneeled in front of me and pushed inside me, making me moan. Once inside, he leaned down close to me as he pumped in and out. I groaned each time he thrusted into me and rubbed against my g-spot.

The tension built in my body as Jefferson continued to fuck me. Soon my orgasm took over and my nails dug into his arms as I cried out.

He kept fucking me, and soon I’m cumming again, even harder.

He relented, pulling out, and we cuddle together, deciding on dinner.

“So, I have some pasta I could make, or turkey burgers…umm…I don’t have too much though,” Jefferson said, listing some things.
“What about pizza?” I suggested.
“You know, I was thinking that myself. We can go get some slices.”

We dressed and walked awhile, trading car accident stores and others until we got to a pizzeria. We ordered our slices and picked out our drinks and sat at a table outside to people watch as we ate. After eating and talking for a nice long while, we make our way back home to finally finish Blue Velvet.

Once back at the apartment building, Jefferson paused to check his mail and was pleased to find some bacon from his Bacon of the Month club.

Sweet, breakfast.

We undressed and climbed into bed and settled into the rest of the movie.

“We already saw this part,” I pointed out.
“Oh, we did? Well, this is a good part, so let’s watch it again.”

I shrugged my shoulders and settled into the crook of Jefferson’s arm.

“Is it almost over?” I asked, getting a little ancy.
“Yes, just a few more minutes.”
“Good, cause I wanna fuck some more,” I grinned.

As soon as the movie ended, I leaned in to kiss Jefferson. I climbed on top of him again and laced my fingers in his above his head.

I kissed his lips, cheeks, and neck, gently sucking and nibbling until he was reaching for a condom. He got on top of me and pulled me to the side of the bed. He slid into me, my legs thrown over his shoulders, and I moan as he pumped in and out of me.

He looked down at me and I smiled at him. My ankle rubbed by his cheek and he turned to kiss it. He took my big toe in his mouth, gently swirling his tongue around it. I closed my eyes again and sighed a contented sigh.

He leaned over me and took me close in his arms. I felt my cheeks flush as his pelvis rocked against my clit, bringing me closer to orgasm. As the waves took over my body, I heard Jefferson moan in my ear as my pussy clenched around his cock.

As I caught my breath, he slowly withdrew from me and tossed his condom. We got under the covers, Jefferson turned out the lights, and we fell asleep with me tight in his arms.


Shay said...

Oh my!
Sounds like a heavenly evening!

Avah said...

Thanks Shay, it deffinately was!