09 July 2006

Viva Italia!!

Ȉ una vittoria dolce, no?

And the "Hottie of the Team" award goes to...

Fabio Cannavaro

And honorable mention to Alessandro del Piero...

Excuse my while I go masturbate to their hotness....

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rose said...

avah honey.....don't you know? all italians are hot (especially the women) ;-P

Master Enigma said...

I followed Rose here.

Nice to meet you.

Stop by my place sometime and we will become buddies.

Grins at you. So young so full of life left in you.

rose said...

enigma....nice to see you here!

avah....you really should read his blog. he writes wonderful posts and mmmmmm, what a master!


Avah said...

Rose- yes, we Italian women are particuarly hot- hips and all! ;-)
And I have been reading Enigma's blog for a little while now, I love it!

So I also extend a welcome to you Enigma! I'm glad you found your way here!