03 July 2006

This is what I'm going back to?!

This is from Compartments' latest entry...

I pulled off his shirt and discovered the source of the stench: dripping wet hairy armpits. I’m gagging as I type this–delayed reaction.... I stayed down in his crotch for as long as possible to avoid getting near his upper body, but he naturally wanted some body contact after a while.

While riding him he kept pulling my body against his, the wetness from his underarms smearing me in various places. At one point I did gag, the smell was so unbearable. He was definitely the most foul smelling john I’ve ever suffered through and I felt angry. He was either totally stupid, or totally inconsiderate...

He got on top of me and came quite quickly, Thank God.

I went into the bathroom to take a shower and noticed he had never opened the soap.

Read the full entry here.

I start escorting again this weekend, and I have to wonder what the fuck I'm getting myself back into!

Bills, Avah, you have many, many bills to pay off, Avah!

Right. The bills.

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Gillette said...

You have the right at any point in an encounter to say no to anyone you don't want to share your body with. Just give the money back and walk out.

Good luck!!!