10 June 2006

Fun With Numbers

Well, it's been two full months since I've started this blog, and the relative success of it astounds me really. So lets examine some stats for fun!

Visitors by the number:

  • In April we started of slowly with only 413 unique visitors with 713 page loads and only 84 returning visitors.
  • May surged with 5,772 unique visitors with 9,860 page loads and 604 people came back!
  • June is starting off a little slow with just 1,825 unique visitors and 2,946 page loads and 289 repeats so far...
Who sent ya here?
  1. Jefferson is my top referrer, directing well over 1,100 visitors my way- thank you baby!
  2. The Sexoteric blog is second, a distant second though with just under 600
  3. Fleshbot is third from when Chelsea Girl included me in her Weekly Blog Round up last week with not quite 400 referrals
What are they reading?
And speaking of search engines, that brings us to our next catagory:

What the hell are they looking for?
  • The great majority of my search engine activity comes from people's various ways of searching for the lyrics to the Partridge Family song. Oy vey are some people getting an eyefull!
  • Some people search for my site specifically
  • But here are the interesting key words people use: "kneel and suck"
  • How to keep him sexually pleased
  • Why does my throat close off when coughing?
  • He guides me down to my knees and pulls out his cock
  • Submissive
  • submissive man blogspot
  • what does a cock ring look like
  • moan and clench
  • jerking off around me
  • pin my wrists
  • clit naked women blogspot pics
  • sensual women undress blog
  • the fingering of piches (er?)
  • wet moan story
  • why does the throat close when you eat (huh???)
  • her cock in me
  • into me
  • what does jerking off look like (lol)
  • blog sucks on my nipples
  • blindfold, gasp, behind, gentle
  • And there's more, but I think you get the idea...
Where ya from?
  • 67% are from the Good ol' U.S.ofA.
  • 7% from Oh Canada
  • 6% from the Motherland (the UK)
  • 2.5% from Germany
  • 2% from Australia
  • 1.2% from France
  • 1% from New Zealand
Many, many more countries, but some interesting ones include: United Arab Emriates, Qatar, Estonia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Vanuatu, and Sudan. I also have a pretty loyal reader from Cape Town, South Africa.

They're still using IE?
  • Much to my dismay over 55% of people are using some form of Internet Explorer
  • Firefox is in a distant second with just around 27% of users
  • Then of course Opera claims a few poor souls, a small number of Netscape users still around and then some obscure ones I've never heard of: iCab, Konqueror, OmniWeb, and Camino

Well I hope you had a much fun with this I did! Lol. :-P

Stay tuned for Sunday Morning!

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Anonymous said...

OmniWeb and Camino are Macintosh browsers. Camino's a Mozilla product; basically Firefox with a rewritten interface for the Mac. But if you're getting Mac hits, I'm surprised you didn't mention Safari, the most popular Mac browser.

The Glengarry Leads said...

Yeah, my Mac ratio is actually quite high considering what people seem to say about the market spilt between Apple and MSFT. Apple's OSX accounted for about 17 percent of my visitors. Me thinkst that Apple has made a serious comeback in just a few years time. With the universal apps to come soon (as MACs are now Intel based), there will be very few reasons to not go with Apple Hardware. You'd actually have to prefer the Windown interface in order to keep going that way.


Anonymous said...

Konqueror is common on Linux systems using the KDE desktop. I use Akregator which is a RSS feed aggregator. It's the best one I've found and helps me keep up with around 75 blogs. It uses Konqueror as it's embedded web browser. The rest of the time I use Firefox.