10 June 2006

"And she wore blue velvet..."

The Tuesday following my shopping trip with Chore Boy just so happened to be my debut at Jefferson's biweekly bisexual orgies. But I'm skipping over writing about it because, well, because I feel like it. I'm sure Gabriel (whom I met that night) might be a little disappointed, but I'll get to our night in time...

But as the events so happened to play out, I didn't get to spend any time with Jefferson. So I was aching hard for him.

My weekend plans having gotten cancelled, Saturday night became our date night. (Day 1).

I was in the mood for something intense, and let him know this ahead of time.
"Remember how intense my birthday was? Kick it up 10 notches..."
"You want intensity, huh? Maybe I can manage that" he responds.

I drive myself into the city that Saturday, arriving at Jefferson's at 7.

I knock on the door and a smiling Jefferson appears. I walk in and we kiss hello.

As I set my purse down he says to me “Make your self comfortable, I’m just going to go shave my stubble.”
“Aw, I don’t mind stubble” I say rubbing his scratchy cheek.
“Well you might against your pussy” he says rubbing his cheek against mine.
“Mmm, yes. Go shave” I laugh.

I watch as he retreats to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. A moment later I hear the water running. I help myself to a glass of water and rest on the couch listening to the radio and watching the sun starting to set.

A few moments later I move to the bedroom, undress and slip under the covers.

It isn’t much later before Jefferson emerges from the bathroom.

“I was hoping to find you here” he says entering the room.
“Well, it didn’t make sense to sit on the couch all clothed. And why are you still dressed?” I ask.
“I’m getting there my dear” he says pulling his t-shirt over his head and dropping his pajama bottoms on the ground.

I pull back the covers as he crawls into bed; I slide my body into his arms and he holds me tightly, his tongue exploring my mouth.

We break apart and look at each other.
“Mmm, I missed you” I tell him.
“I know. Me too baby.”
We spend a few moments just holding each other and touching, enjoying the company.
“Baby I love how you touch me”
“Good, cause I don’t plan on stopping” he responds.

Jefferson then throws back the covers and makes his way to between my legs leaving kisses and bite marks in his trail.

A patch of skin on my stomach makes its way between his teeth. I squirm under him, trying to endure it. I focus on controlling my breathing until I’m at the point where I can stand it.

Jefferson, sensing this, bites harder.

I buck and yell under him until he releases.

But just seconds later I’m moaning as his tongue makes contact with my exposed clit. I relax into the pillows and run my hands through Jefferson’s hair. I think about grabbing my camera and taking a picture for me to enjoy, but decide against it, not wanting to distract him.

I feel his fingers enter me and start rubbing at my g-spot. My hips jump up and I start moaning louder. My pussy clenches tighter around his fingers as he pumps them faster. His mouth moves from my clit as he looks up at me. My fingers replace his tongue and I rub furiously, cumming loudly. He keeps fingering me, adding a 3rd finger.

"How's that feel?" he asks me.
I nod my head "Good."
"I'm going to try 4, ok?"
"Mm-hmm" I shake my head yes.

He inserts the 4th finger and I moan loudly, feeling so full and stretched.

"Still OK?"
I nod my head.
He thrusts gently, making me moan and buck.

As I’m panting, catching my breath, Jefferson withdraws his fingers and his mouth moves taking my nipple in his mouth. He sucks gently before biting down. I moan and grunt, my body writhing underneath. I thrust my chest up, trying to release some tension, but with no luck. He releases only to take my other nipple in his mouth. My nails claw at his back, pleading for relief.

His jaw slacks leaving me panting, my chest heaving.

“Fuck me…please!” I beg him.
Jefferson silently grabs a condom from the nightstand and stands pulling me to him.
I watch as he forcefully enters me making me moan loudly. His body is silhouetted in the darkened room, lit only by the last remaining light from outside and the city lights. It’s perfect for a picture, but the camera’s too far away.

My hands go to my thighs, holding them back to allow Jefferson deeper access. He grabs my legs to steady himself as he thrusts into me. His hand comes across my left cheek hard three times and moves to my throat. I watch him as he takes what he wants from me, me giving it freely. His left hand lets go of my leg and grabs my wrist, pinning it to the bed above my head. His right hand follows shortly.

He leans in closer to me, fucking me harder and harder. He’s making what I call his “fierce fuck face” where he looks so intently at me, head cocked to the side, and he sucks in a cheek. Mmm…

He lets go of my hands and holds my face, kissing me deep. My fingers immediately go to my clit and quickly produce and orgasm. Jefferson withdraws and climbs on the bed and grabbing me to adjust. He enters me again and fucks me full force.

His hand moves to my mouth; his fingers probing and exploring. His hands hold my mouth open wide, stretching my jaw, and he leans close spitting into my mouth (hey, we swap spit with kissing, so it's not that odd). He does it again a few more times before inserting 2 fingers for me to suck on. He adds a third and I suck on those. Then a 4th and my mouth is really full. He sneaks his thumb in there but it stretches my jaw too wide. It hurts too much so I tug at his hand, needing him to take it out. He gets the signal and withdraws his hand. I clench my jaw just to feel it closed then I keep moaning from the fucking.

Our fierce fucking eventually makes its way to gentle love making. Jefferson holds me close for awhile as we silently gaze at each other, our bodies gently rocking.

At some point he pulls out and I groan, stretching out my legs and move to take a sip of my water.

“So, it occurred to me when nervous cute boy was here that you’ve never seen Blue Velvet” Jefferson says to me.
“How so?”
“Well, when I wanted to sing into a lamp, you didn’t get it.”
“Oh.” Still don’t, lol.
“So I thought we’d watch that tonight if that’s Ok with you.”
”Of course!”
“Would you care for some popcorn to go with?”
“Ooh, yes!”
“Well, I’ll be right back then.”

He leaves to get the popcorn and I pop in the bathroom before meeting him in the kitchen needing to refill my water. Ok, that’s a lie. I wanted a kiss. Lol.

We retreat back to the bedroom, popcorn, bourbon, and water in hand. Jefferson pops in the movie and we settle in close under the covers, the popcorn bowl between us.

I take a bite of the popcorn as the opening credits start rolling. It’s a little over cooked, and I smile to myself, but I don’t say anything and just put any really gray/brown pieces in a tissue next to me.

“Just so you know though, we’ll have to stop for SNL. Kevin Spacey is on tonight for the season finale” Jefferson warns me.
“Oh I love Kevin Spacey!”
“Me too. He’s so handsome, I’d totally fuck him”
“Me too! We should definitely do a threesome!”
“Right?” he says, laughing.

We watch the movie until 11:30 (not finishing it, and leaving a very odd movie’s ending up in the air!) to turn on SNL. We laugh to Kevin Spacey and the other skits, I do little dancing to Nelly Furtado, and we argue over who’s better: Letterman or Leno; we settle on Connan.

When SNL ends, Jefferson asks me “You’re not really going to go all the way home now, are you?”
“Not if you don’t want me to” I say.

I certainly wanted to stay, but I wasn’t going to just invite myself.

“No, I want you to stay” he says to me.
“Yay” I say smiling.

Jefferson shuts off the TV and turns off the light. I turn to my side and Jefferson spoons me tight from behind. I hear him drift off first, but I’m not far behind as I fall asleep to the sound of his steady breath and the city sounds from outside.

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stretch td said...

Very hot! I didn't realize it was so warm today.

Avah said...

Oh it's hot everytime Jefferson and I get together ;)