09 May 2006

"I Think I love you, but what am I so afraid of..."

Some how, the Partridge Family started playing in my head the other day.

I have no idea. lol.

So Thursday was my morning with Jefferson. *Goofy grin.*

Jefferson later described the time as splendid. It was closer to rapture if you ask me.

In this realm of the universe, Thursday was an absolutely beautiful day. It was already close to 70 degrees when I walked to the bus at 9 AM, not a cloud in the sky, and the temp rose to a comfortable 80 or so by the afternoon and then cooling to a very pleasant spring night.

I rise early, ready for the long day ahead of me. I'll be with Jefferson until around 2, then I need to see some art, then go visit FIT, and then meet with Denzel at 9:30. (More about him in a few weeks).

I got to Jefferson's around 10:30 and walked in to see him on the couch, laptop in lap. I set my bag down by the door and slipped out of my sandals. I got caught up chatting about something for almost 2 whole minutes before I realized I hadn't kissed him yet! Stopping mid-sentence, I leaned down and planted one on his lips. Then I plopped down on the couch next to him, cozying up. He finishes on the computer, shutting it and putting it away.

He runs back to the couch and jumps on and we start making out. Like horny teenagers. Yummy. After a few minutes he breaks away.

"Let's get naked now!" he pipes.

We make it to the bedroom and rush to strip. Once we're naked I grab him and we kiss. I press my body close to him and he walks us back to the bed. Jefferson lays down and I climb on top reconnecting with his lips. I break away wanting to look into his eyes. God they really are so blue. I move my mouth to suck on his neck and I smile as I hear his breathing quicken. I feel so happy wrapped tightly in his arms.

"How can anyone deserve to be this happy?" I think to myself.

Jefferson pushes me off and lays me on my back then moves his mouth to my pussy and tongues my clit. I moan softly as he takes it in his mouth and sucks on it. I watch him as he lays between my legs, relishing in the sight of him. I close my eyes and lay my head back feeling the warmth spreading through me. Jefferson pushes two fingers in my pussy and starts rubbing my g-spot. As I get closer and closer to orgasm, he pumps faster and faster, harder and harder. He sits up and watches me with such an intent look on his face. I feel the orgasm right there, the pressure behind my clit, so I reach down and rub it as fast as I can and clench down on Jefferson's fingers letting out a moan.

I open my eyes and smile up at Jefferson.

"I want to fuck you now...." he says getting a condom.
"Over there" he says pointing to the side of the bed.

I repositioned myself and Jefferson pulled my legs until my butt was on the edge. Cock in hand, he pushes deep into me. Grabbing hold of my legs he fucks me hard and deep.

I close my eyes, losing myself in the sensation of his cock moving in and out of my pussy.

Then he takes my ankles and brings them together, pusing my knees against my chest. I push my hips up against him, feeling another orgasm getting close.

Slap! I feel the sting of Jefferson's hand across my cheek before it moves to my throat. I groan quietly, trying to focus my breathing through my nose. He releases and I take in a deep breath just as he puts some lube on his cock and pushes into me. He pauses for a second, letting me relax around him. I smile up at him as he starts to thrust slowly.

"Does it feel good?" he asks me.
I nod my head yes.

He starts fucking my ass faster and I close my eyes enjoying the sensation. As he fucks harder and faster I groan with each deep thrust and I feel the orgasm building behind my clit. I reach my hand down and rubbing my clit fast and hard. Jefferson fucks me even harder as I pull out the orgasm. It ripples through me as I moan and clench my pussy and ass. Jefferson slows down and pulls out, leaving to go wash up.

"Get on your hands and knees on the side of the bed" Jefferson tells me as he enters the room again.

I get in position as he comes behind me and puts on a new condom. He pushes himself deep into me and I moan into the bed. His hands are firmly on my hips, allowing him to draw me closer and for him to penetrate me deeper. My hands grip the sheets as I lose myself deep in him, letting him take me.

He pulls out and I groan unhappily. He walks around the other side of the bed and I watch as he grabs the gold box. He comes back around and places the box on me and rustles for something. I feel something smooth and thin press into my ass as Jefferson slowly slides a plug in. Then in a fluid push he replaces his cock back in my pussy. I groan loudly at this new feeling of fullness.

Jefferson fucks me real good. Hard, deep, fast. I grip the sheets tight, my toes curled, grunting and groaning. I sink further away in to this detached and...primal...state. I hear myself- these noises coming deep from my gut. I can picture Jefferson in my head, behind me, pounding into me, his gaze locked on me, and his face fixed with a mixture of lust and concentration.

I quickly feel an orgasm rising, but let myself ride on the edge for a bit. When I can't take it anymore, I bring my hand between my legs and start rubbing my clit. Jefferson fucks me even harder making the orgasm come easier. I scream into the bed as it rips through me. He keeps fucking me til the twitching in my pussy subsides and then slows down to a lazy pace.

I hear as Jefferson fishes in the "treasure chest" for the vibrating eggs. He takes the plug out of my ass and pushes in an egg and follows it with the plug again. He puts the other one in my pussy and follows it with his cock. He switches the eggs on and I moan as vibrations are produced deep inside me. Jefferson's cock then returns to fucking me.

He fucks me at the high intensity again making me scream and grunt more still.

After a while longer he slips out of my pussy, removes the plug and egg and slips his cock in my ass. With in the minute I feel another orgasm building (let's recall I use to never be able to cum from sex, and I'm now I'm having 2 and 3 in a morning!). I reach between my legs again and rub my clit cumming hard and screaming louder than before. Jefferson keeps fucking me hard, prolonging the waves. When he's done, he pulls out and puts the plug in his place.

"Don't move" he orders me as he steps into the bathroom.

He comes back and I watch as he goes into his closet to retrieve his arsenal of whips, paddles and the cane.

"Move to the bottom of the bed."

I adjust and brace myself. Jefferson starts on my ass with his hand warming my skin up. I usually keep my head down and let myself be surprised about what implement Jefferson picks up, but today I wanted to watch. I see as Jefferson grabs a braided whip. I crane my neck wanting to see his face as he brings the leather down against my skin. I get a glimpse, but flinch away when contact is made.

After a dozen or so strikes with that whip, he puts it down and moves close to me taking me in his arms and giving my back a few kisses. I let myself go in his warm and safe embrace, biting my lip.

He stands back up and lands a few smacks with his hand before chosing the riding crop next. He taps it gently along my back and ass and down to my pussy before landing hard swats on my ass. A dozen or so on each cheek, each making me moan and squirm, then he moves and targets my back and shoulders.

Again he places the crop down and takes me into his arms again and kisses and caresses me tenderly.

The cane is next and I tense waiting for the first strike. It comes down, and it stings, but it's rather mild. The follwing strikes bite, but are nothing like what I got on my birthday.

Jefferson finishes and moves the arsenal aside and takes the plug from my ass, giving light kisses to my red cheeks.

He lays down on the bed and I crawl into his arms as he hugs me tight. We lay quietly, resting from such an eventful morning.

"Da da da la la, la la-la la..." I sing the tune to the Partridge Family song.

"What are you singing?" he asks me.
"I forget the words" I say, singing him the tune. "Da da da da, so what am I so afraid of...something something something..."
"Ohh...I think I love you, so what am I so afraid of, I'm afraid that I'm not sure of, a love there is no cure for..." he sings to me.
"Oh yeah! That's the only part of the song I know though." I say, spurring a discussion of the lyrics and of the Partridge family.

"Hey, you want a grlled cheese?" Jefferson asks me.
"Sure!" I say without pause.

We get up and have a lovely grilled cheese lunch on the terrace, chatting about random things and watching the activity on the street below.

It comes that time again where we must part, and Jefferson has to go play dad again.

We leave the buliding and walk the few blocks to where we part for him to go cross-town as I go down town. We kiss goodbye nicely, aware of the very public surroundings, but I quickly take his face in my hands and pull him in for a hotter, deeper kiss, not giving a damn what anyone would think. I just had rediculously hot sex with this very handsome, sexy man, why shouldn't all of Manhattan know it?


The Glengarry Leads said...

Jefferson's neighbors must get very excited wondering what's going on next door. I'd be glued to the peephole, or have my ear glued to a drinking glass against the wall.

Jefferson said...

Why Glen, what a pleasant surprise--come on in, won't you?