03 May 2006

Does this look sexual to you?

While many people marched in the Great American Boycott across the country, I was settled cozy in Jefferson's bed surrounded by 4 very handsome men.

Last night was of course the Bukkake Party you've all been anticipating. Well, I have at least.

My day started early that morning around 9:30 (I'm 20- that's early...). I woke up to finish some revisions on my English papers to turn in at my last English class of my college career! :-D Very exciting. I end up finishing around a quarter after 12 with 40 minutes before class- excellent! I head out, stopping at the campus bookstore to get a folder to put my papers in.

After a short class, I head back to my room to prep for that evening. It was already 1:30 and I had to work fast to catch the 3:18 bus. I hop in the shower to wash my face and shave my legs. After I dry off I apply a liberal amount of vanilla (not coconut, dear) lotion to my legs, feet, arms, and torso.

When I finished I stood in front of my closet to decide what to wear. I usually wear jeans, so decided against it to change things up. Since it was a gorgeous and sunny 70 degrees, I decided on my cream, cotton sun dress. I dressed in the appropriate undergarments and slipped the dress over my head. Then I pop in my contacts and apply some light make-up, finishing with a few spritzes of perfume. I consider straightening my hair, but due to lack of time, I just pull it back in a tight bun and pin my bangs back.

When I'm all finished, I check my purse to make sure I have my keys and money, then slip in my shoes, grab a jacket for later, and head to the bus stop.

20 minutes later we pull into Port Authority, and I make my way to the subway and hop on the E to 5th Ave to go visit MoMA. I breeze through in a half hour- unimpressed with the collection, and decide to do a little window shopping since I still have a half hour before I need to head back uptown to Jefferson's.

I stop in Fortunoff's to check out their jewelry since I like it so much. I don't expect to buy anything since I'm in so much debt, but I see this ring. This beautiful blue topaz ring. And I've been wanting a blue topaz ring for almost 6 months now, but I've just been waiting for the right one. And that was it. It was a beautiful deep blue, rectangle cut stone, set in this beautiful 14k yellow gold band. Now, normally I hate yellow gold, but this setting was so beautiful. It was all carved and had a few tiny diamonds in it (a whole .09 ct! lol). It was just stunning. All for the low price of $298. Which, is in reality, a really good price. It's just money I don't really have. Oh well. "I'll take it!" I tell the saleslady. But I need a size 8.5. That ring is a 6.5, and would become too thin if I sized it up 2 sizes, so I get it special ordered. 4 weeks. Ugh. Well, I've waited this long already...

Guiltfuly pleased (total oxymoron!) with my purchase, I head out and quickly breeze through Zara, a store I fell in love with when I was in Paris. There were a dozen+ things I would have bought in a heart beat, so I quickly found the exit. I crossed the block to the subway entrance and waited for the E to go back downtown to grab the 1. But due to "an investigation at Canal St. the E train is operating on 6ave, not 8th" so I had to take the V instead. God I hope the V is going somewhere I'm familiar with....

As I'm standing on the cramped train, waiting for it to go, another announcement comes over the loudspeaker. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the V train will now be operating as an E train. The V as in Victor train will be operating as an E as in Edward train until West 14th."

Sweet. Now if it would just move!

After the announcement is made, a bunch of people leave and some seats open up, so I move quickly grabbing one. And still we wait! Congestion at the station ahead of us. Fan-fucking-tabulous. After about 10 minutes of waiting, we finally head off. I take it until I transfer to the 1 and get off at my stop. I walk the rest of the way with a quick pace to Jefferson's building.

I was supposed to be there at 5:30, but don't arrive until almost 5:45. Jefferson buzzes me in and as I make my way up to his apartment, I start to feel the adrenaline kick in as the upcoming event draws closer.

I knock on the door and Jefferson opens it a few seconds later. He smiles at me making me smile in return. He takes my coat and hangs it up before we embrace for the first time in days. We hug each other tight and I let out an audible sigh. I float away in Jefferson's comfortable hold. I breath his scent in deep andfind his mouth with mine. We break apart and I smile looking into his crystal blue eyes.

"Would you like anything? Something to drink?" I hear him ask me.
"Water would be great, thank you."

He goes to the kitchen and returns a moment later with a tall glass of water.
"Thank you" I say sweetly.
"Have a seat, we have a little bit, the boys won't be here until 7" Jeffersons tells me gesturing towards the couch.

We chat for a bit about art, writing, penises, sex, and our upcoming event. Jefferson explains to me how he goes about finding the guys. He posted on CL looking for guys to become part of a Bukkake "Club" kind of thing. Guys should be bi, bi curious, or bi friendly so they can all play. Then he screens for cuteness! If we're going to have a bunch of naked guys jerking off around us, we might as well have something pretty to look at.

"Wanna play a little bit before the boys arrive?" Jefferson poses to me.
"Always!" I reply enthusiastically.

We walk back to the bedroom and he makes a quick stop in the bathroom as I strip. Jefferson comes back to find me laying on the bed waiting for him. He pulls his shirt over his head and drops his PJs before joining me and taking me into his arms. I take his face in my hands and pull him to my lips. My tongue dances with his, tasting his minty fresh mouth.

"Hope you don't mind the taste of Listerine" he says.
"Nope, takes good- minty." I say moving to take his neck in my mouth. I kiss my way down his chest and take his cock making it hard with my mouth. After a little bit he sits up and tells me to lay back. He squirts some lube in his hand and starts fingering me. I moan and buck my hips against his fingers. I open my eyes to look at him, enjoying the sight, and getting more turned on just watching him as his fingers fuck me deep. I move my hand down to my clit and produce a body shaking orgasm.

I smile at Jefferson as he grabs a condom and slips his cock inside me. I moan and arch my back up, falling deeper into love with his cock in me. He grabs my ankles and puts them up by his shoulders. He fucks me with long steady strokes, not too hard, we're only just warming up before the show anyways. My hands go to his waist keeping him close to me. I look up at him- staring into his bright blue eyes. I'm held there by his gaze. I break it a few seconds later taking in the sight of the rest of him, watching his body as he thrusts in and out.

I pull Jefferson down close to me, drawing him in for a kiss.

I suck on his lip and caress his skin as he fucks me harder.

The phone rings, and we think it's the first arrival, but the call isn't from downstairs, so Jefferson fucks me more. 5 or so minutes later we get the first call. We break apart to dress and get decent for our guests. Within the next minute, 2 more call and arrive. The first 3 are here promptly, so we wait for the next 5 of the 8 who confirmed.

Before the first one comes up, I step into the bathroom to just freshen up. I hear them come in and I grin at myself in the mirror. I feel the adrenaline really kick in. I'm so excited for this. But not in the least bit nervous! Huh...

I step out and saunter down the hall to the living room.

"Guys, this is Avah" Jefferson says introducing me.
"Hi" I say, smiling at the handsome men.

The three of them take seats around the living room and sit quietly.

I refilled my water as Jefferson got some for himself and a guest.

We sat around, Jefferson trying to fill the silence with some chit-chat while we waited for the others to arrive. We smile at one another during the silence.

We gave it until 7:15, but no one else showed, and we decided we waited long enough. Let's get this party started!

The boys strip first as we watch.
"Now let's undress the girl!" Jefferson says.

He reaches down and grabs the hem of my dress, drawing it slowly up my body. It comes all the way up and I help him pull it over my head. I lean against Jefferson as his hands roam my body.

"Come get aquatinted with her" Jefferson invited the boys.

In moments I'm surrounded. 4 men standing over me, 4 pairs of hands running over me. I close my eyes and slip lightly into sub space. (The event will be portrayed as accurately as possible, but I was pretty far gone at some points, so I'm just filling in blanks there).

I reach back behind me and undo Jefferson's pants. He then pulls his shirt over his head as he instructs me to kneel and suck his cock.

I smile sweetly at him as I get on my knees and take his cock in my mouth. I close my eyes as I fall into a steady rhythm.

"She sucks great cock" I hear one of the guys say.
"Yes, she does" Jefferson agrees.
"Did you train her?" another one asks.
"I wish I could take credit, but I found her like this" Jefferson says proudly.

"Let's move to the bedroom, shall we?" Jefferson suggests, taking his cock out of my mouth.
"You can crawl back" He says to me guiding me back by my hair.

We all make our way back and Jefferson and I make our way onto the bed as the boys stand around. I lay on my back as Jefferson settles between my legs taking my clit in his mouth.

I look around, at Jefferson between my legs, and the 3 men around me rubbing their cocks.

"Avah's into the bondage stuff, so you guys could hold down her wrists" Jefferson suggest.

One guy lightly grasps my wrist. No one else moves. Um...ok then, never mind, lol.

I close my eyes just enjoying the feeling of the hands on my nipples and Jefferson's mouth on my clit and his fingers in my pussy. He pulls his head up to look at me, and fucks me harder with his fingers. He finds a cock next to him and sucks on it briefly. I squirm under him, feeling my orgasm nearing. He sucks hard on my clit and I cry out as I cum hard around his fingers.

Jefferson comes back up and we kiss and smile before he straddles my face and feeds me his cock. He pins down my wrists with his knees. I slip even further into sub-space, and this is where events really get hazy...

I move my head as best I can on his cock, spending more effort running my tongue along his shaft. Jefferson's hand grabs my hair to move my mouth better along the length of him. One of the other boys' hand replaces his as Jefferson reaches into the drawer and hear him grab the vibrating eggs. He fixes the batteries before inserting an egg in my ass and one in my pussy. He turns them on and I moan on his cock.

Jefferson pulls out of my mouth and I gasp for air.
"Suck on my balls" he orders me placing them over my mouth.

I take them in my mouth gently sucking on them and running my tongue all around them.

One of the boys grabs my left hand and places it on his cock. I squeeze it tightly and I move my hand along the length of him. Jefferson gets up and turns around, facing the other way, away from the wall and returns his cock to my mouth again. He bobs his cock in and out of my mouth, and as he comes down, his balls cover my nose, making it hard for me to breathe. I cough trying to get air and Jefferson slaps me. God I love that. Is that weird?? lol

"Were you coughing?" he asks me.
"Sorry" I mumble around his cock.

He continues fucking my throat pinching my nipples and giving my breasts hard slaps.

I feel another hand guide my right hand to another cock. I lose myself concentrating on pleasing the cocks around me.

I hear as Jefferson rummages for something else in the drawer.

"She likes these, but can't take them for too long" Jefferson says as I hear him grabbing the clothes pins. Pff- I can take them longer than a lot of other girls!

He places the first one on my right nipple, but not far enough on, and it pinches me as it slips off. I cry out and jerk tightly the cock in my hand. He places the other one on my left nipple, and I just moan as it clamps down. He replaces the other one and I wince under it's heat.

"Can you hand me that gold box down there?" Jefferson asks one of the guys. He leans down and hands it to Jefferson. I hear as Jefferson rustles through it. He stops and I hear him open a condom. A second later, I feel something hard and thick pushing into my pussy. The guys hold my legs back and open to get a good view.

Jefferson hands over the dildo to one of the guys instructing him to fuck me with it. He pushes and pulls slowly, and I moan as it fills me deep. I feel Jefferson take the clothes pins off and sigh as the blood flows back in them. The boy fucks me a bit harder, and I grunt each time he enters me.

"Yeah, fuck her deep" I hear one of the guys encourging him.

Soon Jefferson leaves my mouth and leaves me panting for breath. He climbs off the bed and I watch as he takes a sip of water, bring it back to let it flow in my mouth.

I gulp it down, feeling the cool, refreshing water slide down my throat.

"Thank you" I whisper taking his face in my hands and kissing him deep.

He pulls back and I watch as he sit back in the chair to watch for a bit. I smile at him then look up at the guys around me and smile at them. I watch them as they jerk off, my hand still on the one guys. He adds some lube, making it slippery. The other guys follow suit, and soon there's the echoing sound of the sloppy jerking.

Jefferson returns by the bed, taking the place of the boy between my legs. He removes the dildo and grabs my legs pulling me to the edge of the bed. He pushes his cock in me and I moan loudly. My hands grab at his thighs wanting to keep him deep and close. I wiggle my hips, finding the right angle for him to hit my g-spot. I find the right angle and grunt with each of his hard thrusts.

"Yeah, give it to her good" the guys cheer us on.

Jefferson fucks me hard, slapping my ass hard making me cry out loudly.

I'm hypnotized by the sound of the guys jerking off around me, their hands running over my skin, and Jefferson above me fucking me. As I sink to the deepest depths of sub-space, the farthest I've ever gone, I look in Jefferson's eyes and smile. I close my eyes and let out a little giggle, totally blissed out. I look around wanting to take in the sight- making a mental picture for me to come back to.

My eyes find Jefferson's again as he fucks me even harder. I feel yet another orgasm building.

Thoughts run through my head: Take me. Anything you want. It's yours. I'm yours. I ...I think I'm.... wait, is that allowed?
My gaze is locked on him as I silently submit and give all of myself to him and his will.

My hand moves to my clit and rubs hard. I raise my hips, holding my breath, trying to draw out the orgasm.

"Come on, come on" I hear. Or is it me?

I gasp loudly and moan as the orgasm rips through me. Jefferson fucks me faster, prolonging the waves. As the orgasm subsides, I feel my pussy still twitching lightly around his cock.

I smile up at Jefferson as he removes his cock from me.

The boys get closer to me, one kneeling on the bed. Their jerking is getting faster, and you can feel it in the air they're getting close.

"She should be kneeling" one of the guys says to Jefferson.
"On the bed or on the floor?" he responds.
"Where ever."
"Avah, would you please get on your knees?" Jefferson asks me.
"On the bed or on the floor?" I ask slowly rising.
"Well, I think you'd be more comfortable on the bed."
"Well, alright then" I say sittting back on my heels.

Jefferson climbs on the bed, bracing himself against the ceiling, and feeds me his cock. The other boys climb on too and follow suit. I look up seeing them all jerking themselves fast and hard, keeping steady with a hand on the ceiling.

Jefferson pulls out of my mouth as I feel two cocks press against either of my cheeks. I close my eyes in anticipation and seconds later, I feel the hot sticky liquid running down my cheeks. Jefferson smiles at me as he rubs the cum into my skin.

The last guy steps closer. "Where should I cum?" he asks.
"Oh I think her lovely breasts look pretty naked" Jefferson suggests.
He positions his cock on my chest and I then I feel his cum on my chest dripping down my breasts onto my stomach.

As the guys cum, the leave quietly to wash in the bathroom. They return only to thank us for a great time before returning to the living room to dress and leave.

Jefferson kisses me and removes the eggs.
"Shall we hose you off now?"
"Sounds good to me."

Jefferson starts the shower and gestures for me to get in. I step in the shower and follows in behind me. I wash my face, feeling the cum wash down my body into the drain. Jefferson soaps up a poof and gently washes me. I rinse off and we switch places so he can wash. It's quiet and tender as I come down from the high of it all.

"When can we do that again?" I ask. He laughs.
"Hopefully soon!" he responds. Awesome!

We settle into bed watching a movie as Jefferson feels it's his duty to introduce me to The Secretary.

"Would you like something to drink? I'm going to have some burbon, do you want any or something else?" Jefferson offers me.
I think about it, but I haven't really eaten much that day, so any alcohol would hit me kind of hard, and I already walk crooked whenever I leave.
"Just water thanks."

He goes and returns with 2 glasses of water and a burbon. He takes a sip and lays down as I settle into his arms. I breathe in, memorizing the musky smell of the alcohol.

My hand in his, with his arm around me, and my legs wrapped around him, we start the movie.

The movie starts with Maggie Gylenhhal (however you spell it) with her wrists chained to a bar that is around her neck and performing secretary duties using mainly her mouth.

"Well, now that's an opening scene!" I say.

The movie moves along and a scene appears where she gathers her tools to cut. I turn my head, not wanting to see it, and instinctively turn my forearms down, hiding them.

Towards the end of the movie, I notice it's 10:30, and I feel a bit hungry.
"Did you eat dinner?" I ask Jefferson.
"No, did you?"
"No. Are you hungry?"
"Yeah, are you?"
"I'm OK."
"I'll end up grabbing something later. Though if I had a good submissive, she'd be making me dinner" he jokes.
"Do you want me to make you something?"
"No, no, I was just kidding. Are you sure you're not hungry?"
"Well, I could eat, yeah."
"I'll make us something- I have raviolis or I could make some tuna on a bagel..."
"Ravioli sounds perfect."
"Cheese or spinach and cheese?"
"Just cheese."
"With tomato sauce?"
"I'll be right back then" he says kissing me and getting up.
"Do you need help?" I offer.
"No, you just stay here and watch the movie."

I hear him in the kitchen running water and putting a pot on the stove. And he joins me back in bed to watch the last 10 minutes of the movie.

We go to the kitchen and find the water boiling. Jefferson adds the raviolis into the water. I pull him close to me and hold him tight. I just love so much being in his arms. We kiss passionately and I feel my hunger for him rising. He's right here in my arms and I'm still starving for him. I kiss his neck and he moves to mine. He bites down into my shoulder. I press myself closer to him. He moves his mouth and bites down again. I moan underneath him. He goes again, and takes one last bite, clenching down harder as my moans get louder and I squirm under him. He releases and I gasp, looking in his eyes.

"I need to stir the pasta." he says breaking away briefly.
He turns back to me and we kiss and hold eachother until the pasta is done. He puts the pasta in bowls and gets forks setting them down on the table. I sit and wait for him as he gets drinks. We sit, and chat, eating a nice naked dinner.

We don't have much time, since I have to leave soon to catch the 11:54 train, the last train back to Jersey. We finish and it's already after 11. I go to the bedroom to start getting dressed, and Jefferson comes in after with my dress.

That he's wearing! I gasp in surprise and start laughing!
"Omg! My dress!"
"You like?" he asks twirling the bottom.
"Baby, it's on backwards" I giggle.
"Oh shoot, I just can't wear dresses I guess."

He slips it over his head and hands it to me. I finish dressing and fix my hair a bit as we walk to the living room.

Neither of us really want me to go. But if I don't make the train, I'd deffinately be spending the night there.

We reluctantly part, a bit comforted by the fact we get to see each other again the day after the day after tomorrow (that would be Thursday).

I walk to the subway stop strolling along smiling brightly. I wait a while for the 1 to go back down to Penn, and get anxious I'll miss my train.

I eventually get to the station, and with just about 5 minutes before the train is supposed to leave, I run to buy my ticket and get to the gate. I make it onto the train with 2 minutes to spare.

I settle into my seat and go over the night's events again in my head. I look down at my shoulder, and see Jefferson's mark still there, and a smile spreads across my face.

"Who says love has to be gentle and kind?"

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The Glengarry Leads said...

There is absolutely nothing worse than being on the NYC subway (on your way to some hot action) in the middle of the summer only to have the conductor get on the speaker and tell you there is a delay up ahead. I've been on that subway with my aching balls