20 March 2007

TMI Tuesday

1. When you are out in public, do you often get hard/get wet?

I'm naturally very wet as it is. But do I get turned on? Not generally.

2. When you masturbate, how long, typically, is your session and what do you think about (other than having an orgasm)?

I like to be as quick as possible. 5 mins (10 tops. I'll give up if it takes too long.) And my mind wanders. Generally to things like what I have to do that day.

3. What is your most pleasurable intercourse position?

I love doggy, but I cum best in missionary.

4. How often do you use the word "fuck" (or its derivatives) in casual conversation - frequently, occasionally, rarely, never.

I use it occasionally. I generally only swear when I'm angry, injured, or my team is losing or playing poorly.

5. Have you ever had a spontaneous orgasm? How when why where?

I have not. But that could be interesting.

Bonus (as in optional): Post a link to a picture you consider a strong sexual turn-on.

I actually think this picture is pretty hot. It's from Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas. I was actually getting turned on watching him tango. "It's like sex, but on hardwood."

TMI Tuesday

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