08 March 2007

Thing That I Know, That I Want You To Know

Things You (mostly women) Should Know About Your Jewelry

  • Pearls should be restrung yearly (especially with frequent wear)
    • When you wear your pearls, oils get on the stringing and make it dirty and the pearls reflect poorly off of that
  • Pearls are extremely fragile! Protect them in a soft cloth pouch when you store them
  • Same with opals
  • Your emeralds need to be oiled every year. It helps protect the stone, fill in natural scratches and keep it's shine
  • Never put colored gems in an ultrasonic cleaning machine- and only let them be steamed VERY carefully! (But risk is involved)
  • Sapphires come in every color
  • Diamond's can't be scratched by anything except other diamonds, but they can chip and break! They're not indestructible.
  • Silver tarnishes. All of it. Even sterling. Just polish it!

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Anonymous said...

some other stone cold facts:
- diamonds are priced at a 6,000% markup
- the same company that sells damonds to Tiffany's also sells diamands to Kay Jewlers
- tanzanite, often confused for a sapphire, is the rarest stone on the planet, and it is no longer mined
- silver rings should be taken off to avoid getting wet; this is not necessary with platinum