06 March 2007

Question #2

It's 7:42am on a brisk friday morning and you go into a coffee shop and buy what?

Um, yeah, chances are I'm not up at 7:42 in the morning (and certainly not out of the house...) but on the off chance I am awake, I would broubably buy a doughnut and milk, maybe a bagel if I'm really hungry.

But I don't do coffee. Ever. And I have to really be in the mood for a hot beverage (tea or cocoa).

Though, a blueberry muffin would be nice every once in a while.

1 comment:

Elle said...

Haha thanks, Blueberry muffins are good. I'm not generally up that early either but I happened to be this morning, and I bought a crossiant, and coffee... everyone needs a vice, or three.