17 March 2007

Question #12

Do you ever think you are maybe a little too impulsive? This goes for everything from Jefferson, (falling so deep, so fast.) to your tattoo's. Do you ever think maybe one day you won't want all that drawing on your body?

No, I don't think I'm a little too impulsive. And anyone who's seen how long it takes for me to order at dinner would agree with that.

I love my tattoos and am very glad to have them and I wouldn't erase them even if I had the chance. And the fact that I want more just goes to prove I'm not regretful.

And there was nothing impulsive about Jefferson either. I can't control how quickly I fall in love. When you love someone, you love someone. And I wouldn't want to control it. Because I feel myself starting to fall for Kyle now, and even though it scares the begeezus out of me, it feels so good too.

Sometimes it seems I come off as impulsive yes, because I'll stew over a decision in my head for months without mentioning it to anyone, so when I change my mind or do something different, it's out of the blue for other people, but in reality, I've already been thinking about it and dissecting it forever.

Let's not forget as well you only get a section of my life, and don't see the process that goes into every decision I make. You also don't know every decision I make.

Soo, yeah...

Next question.

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