02 March 2007

More Blushing

Kyle: you're so sweet 'n sexy
Kyle: i'm counting the days until our fun
Kyle: coffee and art chat in town, then to bed!
Kyle: lol
Me: mmhmmm
Kyle: mmm
Kyle: i have been thinking about the first touch...the first taste...
Kyle: your first moan of pleasure
Me: yeah?
Kyle: yes!
Kyle: the first thrust of my cock inside you
Kyle: the first cry of your orgasm
Kyle: as it rocks through your lovely body
Me: oy
Kyle: vay!
Kyle: lol
Me: what else have you been thinking of?
Kyle: you on your knees, enjoying my cock
Kyle: :-)
Kyle: me standing behind you, inside your pussy, your ass...spanking you...paddling you...
Me: mmm
Kyle: you like that?
Me: yes
Kyle: me too, baby
Kyle: just you on a bed, your ass in the air, your upper body laying flat on the mattress, your face resting on a pillow...your ass cheeks spread wide, and my thick cock sliding deep inside you
Me: you've given this a bit of thought, haven't you?
Kyle: can you tell? LOL
Me: lol
Me: a little
Kyle: lol
Kyle: well...i was just on the couch, letting my mind wander
Kyle: and it did...it wandered all over you!
Me: *blush*
Kyle: ;-)
Kyle: you were blushing, flushed and sweaty from cumming so much
Kyle: from being fucked so long and hard
Kyle: your hair was wild, your eyes burning
Me: oh my god, my hair gets to be a wild ass mess after sex, lol
Kyle: mmmm...i'm so glad...i LOVE your hair, and was hoping that it would get wild after sex...i was thinking that during our cafe chat
Kyle: during the pauses in our conversation!
Me: :-O
Kyle: lol
Me: lol
Me: what else were you thinking when we were together?
Kyle: of kissing you
Kyle: of tasting you
Kyle: etc etc etc
Kyle: now I'M blushing
Me: hehehe
Me: so were you listening at all to what i was saying?
Kyle: lol
Me: ;-)
Kyle: yes! i thought those things during the pauses in our chat...
Kyle: and while i was peeing
Kyle: LOL
Me: lol
Me: so is that what you were thinking when you'd look at me with that goofy grin?
Kyle: no comment (i'm grinning in a very goofy manner NOW, by the way)
Me: so you were!
Me: lol
Kyle: at times, yes
Kyle: at others, i was just smiling
Kyle: you inspire smiles, avah
Me: awww
Kyle: you do
Kyle: it's true
Kyle: woo hoo
Kyle: (poet!)
Kyle: lol
Me: haha
Me: you know, i haven't stopped smiling since wednesday....
Kyle: really? that's lovely! i've been cheerful, too
Kyle: smiling and giddy
Kyle: i raved to friends about our date
Me: :-)
Me: me too
Kyle: it was one of the loveliest evenings i've had in a while
Kyle: so comfy and cozy, so fun
Me: my roommate said i was glowing when i came home
Kyle: you were glowing all evening...you were radiant!
Kyle: and in the soft light of the restaurant, you dazzled me
Me: oh you're just too much
Me: lol
Kyle: lol
Kyle: i speak the truth
Kyle: your sweet kisses, your sweet perfume (wear it always, it's beautiful)...your voice, your laughter...it's all wonderful
Me: *Blush*
Kyle: as wednesday approaches, i'll be bouncing off the walls at work
Kyle: humming a snappy tune
Kyle: laughing at nothing, for no reason
Me: i wish tomorrow was wednesday
Kyle: mmmm...so do it
Kyle: i
Kyle: not it
Kyle: i'm an i
Me: lol
Me: i know
Kyle: lol
Kyle: (i almost sent kik instead, because my fingers were too far to the right by one key)
Kyle: lol
Kyle: i'm a bit loopy
Kyle: latest dose of NyQuil is kicking in
Me: sure it's not cause we're chatting?
Kyle: a bit of both, i think
Kyle: honestly
Kyle: :-)
Kyle: i wish you were here
Kyle: now
Kyle: and that i could kiss you
Kyle: NOW
Me: i wish that too
Kyle: that makes me smile
Kyle: i'm smiling out loud
Kyle: haha
Me: lol
Me: i can't stop thinking about your kiss either
Kyle: i think about your kiss, too
Kyle: it was delicious
Me: it was soooo good
Kyle: mmmm
Kyle: i was bashful
Kyle: it was a shy kiss
Kyle: but i loved it
Kyle: i want more!
Me: me too and me too
Kyle: lol
Kyle: i think i'm going to slip back into bed and try for sleep
Kyle: i'm getting a bit drowsy
Kyle: and you intoxicate me even more!
Me: aww, you're just saying that to make me blush
Kyle: LOL
Kyle: you're onto me! i love making you blush...
Kyle: but it's the truth
Kyle: you intoxicate me
Me: good
Kyle: i can't wait to drink you in
Me: :-)
Kyle: sweet dreams tonight, honey!
Kyle: i know i'll have my share of them!
Me: hehe
Kyle: goodnight
Me: :-*
Me: night
Me: feel better
Kyle: :-*
Kyle: i'll look for you here tomorrow
Kyle: ciao
Kyle: ciao bella
Me: *Blush*
Kyle: ah! there it is! that lovely glow!

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Callie said...

Yay! I'm all a-squee for you and your happiness. :)