09 February 2007


I gotta say- I'm not sure why I'm so not into writing anything these days.

Like anything at all.

I've been wanting to introduce this new couple- James and Ellie from back at December's orgy. I saw this man take one of the biggest dildos I've ever seen up his ass, as well as be fisted by his girlfriend. It was insane. And insanely hot! Then later that night, James gave Ellie an incredibly hot ass fucking. That Jefferson slept through. As he passed out. On me.

Thankfully Callie was able to help roll him off me.

Then a few days later I went and hung out with Emma and checked out a little burlesque show, getting me instantly hooked. I fully intend to get to more shows (and Gia totally wants to go with me!).

That's just one of my hot stories I'm wanting to write about- but can't seem to.

And I'd keep going, but then I'd have nothing to write about for awhile.

So, we'll see how things turn around.

You'll still visit me even if I'm not writing much about sex, right?


Jefferson said...

You really must get to writing.

Otherwise, I'll never catch up on the hot sex I've slept through.

Josh Jasper said...

Of course.