26 February 2007

I Have A Date!

First of all, yes that post means what you think it means. Jefferson and I got back together.

Second of all, he's sucking right now.

Third of all, I have a date on Wednesday with someone who actually seems to give a flying fuck about me.

He's a poet. And totally smitten with me. And joyfully kinky.

He's everything I wish Jefferson was, basically.

He calls me sweetheart and honey. And tells me how beautiful he thinks I am. He appologized if it seemed he was coming on strong.

I said it was nice to be persued for once.

Jefferson hasn't made me feel important...or wanted...since May.

But I'm very excited for my date. We're going to meet for coffee first, then take a stroll to the local BDSM store and maybe play a little afterwards.

And then I'll dust myself off, bury my anger and put on a smile for the concert Jefferson and I are going to this weekend. Because that's what I do.

Because I'm a masochist.

Alright people- comment away. I know you want to....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When you raise you standards you'll get what you want. Don't settle.

I'm so excited for you!