19 February 2007

Epitome of Grace

So this morning I wake up for classes and I'm sitting at my computer checking my e-mail and reading some blogs when it hits me like a ton of bricks- OMG I parked my car in the meter spots over the weekend, and now it's Monday morning and I could get a ticket!

The asshole ticket guy is usually out there at about 9am, so I could already have a red envelope under my windshield wiper.

Praying I'm not too late, I dress quickly and run out the door.

I'm running down some stairs outside when I go to step on the pavement. I notice it's darker, but ice doesn't register in my head until I'm sliding a good 12 inches on one foot. In front of a dozen+ people waiting for the shuttle.

Luckily I don't fall flat on my ass.

My foot catches the pavement and I curse, "Jesus. Fuck!"

A girl asks me as I pass her if I'm Ok. I'm fine, of course. Humiliated and shaken up. But no bruised ass.

I'm even better when I see I don't have a ticket on my car.

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Josh Jasper said...

The grouund is a shitty top.

I'm just sayin.