07 February 2007

The Details

So last night I'm texting with Gia, trying to make plans for the night when she asks me if I want to go to a gay club. Of course I was game.

We drove down to Sayreville and met up with a friend of hers to watch a drag show.

It was awesome. I saw girls doing flips and cartwheels in stiletto heels! Un-freaking-believable!

Now I really want to go out dancing. I'll have to see if we can do that soon. She's a really good dancer too. She tried to get me to dance with her, but I wouldn't cause no one else was dancing.

I know, I know. I can fuck a guy with an audience, but I can't dance with an audience. Even Gia was amazed by that, lol.

Plus, if I danced with her, I might have had to fuck her right there on the floor, and well, it wasn't that kind of club, lol.

So after we headed home and I was dropping her off at her house we were sitting in my car saying goodnight. I was totally prepared to kiss her this time. I took off my seat-belt and was facing towards her. We were leaned in close, as I was showing her the pics I took on my phone that night, and we looked at each other- knowing we both wanted to kiss, since our faces were that close together. But it was a minuted later, and I was mid sentence when we both just leaned in. Oh man it was so awesome. It was a nice, good kiss. I still day dream about it.

I really just can't wait until we finally fuck. It's going to be really freaking awesome.

And it's all gonna happen without Jefferson there, lol.


Jefferson said...

If you manage to have sex with Gia without me present, it will be a great stride forward for lesbians everywhere.

. . . but I'm betting you just knit and talk about your feelings.

Avah said...

Psh. We'll see about that...