27 January 2007

Just Say "NO" to Link Clicking!

I shouldn't have clicked it. That link. The one I knew I didn't want to follow. I knew whatever was there was something I didn't want to read.

And I didn't click it at first. I finished the rest of the post, watched some TV, went upstairs, showered, and then I clicked the link.

"Oh, I already saw this blog," was my first thought. So there shouldn't be any surprises.

I start reading.




Oh, well, ok then.

And just to prove how much of a masochist I am, and how much I hate myself, I went and finished the damn entry.

I think I'll go cry myself to sleep now.

I hate my life love life.

Though on a more positive, OMG, thank you LORD! kind of note- it looks like I may have a date this week.

Wait, wait, ok, no. Still crying.

1 comment:

FritzVonT said...

Well, I don't really undersatand what's going on, but I'm sorry you're sad.

Hope tomorrow (today's) a better day, though!