06 January 2007


He watched us from the corner, his eyes wandering over our bodies, following our movement; his hand stroking his dick.

Jefferson glanced over at him every once in awhile. I just ignored him. He was invisible to me.

I was focused on my lover.

My hand stroked his cheek as his hands held firmly on my hips while he thrusted into me.

My moans got louder as Jefferson's cock kept rubbing against my g-spot.

I was getting ready to come again. Muscles tensed and my toes curled in anticipation.

Jefferson rubbed my clit with his thumb, quickly bringing me over the edge. I cried out as I came. He kept fucking me hard and playing with my clit.

I shuddered and whimpered as I kept coming. Over and over they rolled into each other.

I pushed Jefferson away when I couldn't take anymore.

"Well that was a good one, huh?" he said, wiping his brow.
I nodded slowly. Spent.
"Looks like our guest enjoyed it too."

Oh yeah. Him.

He cleaned up with some tissues and was escorted out by Jefferson.

Jefferson climbed back into bed with me, wrapping his arms around me tightly.

"I love you."
"I love you too, sweetheart."

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