21 January 2007

Beating the Clock

So, on quite the rare occasion, I have the apartment (or even just my bedroom) to myself. Tonight happened to be one of those rare nights. Everyone was either home or out, and being the bum loser I am, spent the Saturday night in.

Well, I was feeling quite horny and took the time to enjoy my alone time a bit.

But it wasn't enough. Because an hour later I was back at it again. Except this time I was trying to beat the clock since I figured my roommate would be back soon.

I was this freaking close when I heard the door downstairs open.

Mother fucker.

Though, as nice as it would have been to cum, it still wouldn't have helped all that much. What I really need is a dude and a dozen or so orgasms. Maybe throw in some ropes and whips too. That's the icing on the cake.

It's my newly discovered favorite thing- cumming so much my brain is basically fried. It's really kinda awesome. I swear I reach like Nirvana or something.

Sorry for the lack of stories. I'm kinda having a bit of writers block right now. I know what the things I want to write about are, but I'm not sure how to best put them into words at the moment. I'll try to get some tales to you when I can!

Cause trust me, there are some gooooood ones to tell...


Anonymous said...

This is apparently a good substitute. DontWakeaTheKids is giving these to all of her girlfriends. I have seen her use this to great effect. I am almost...jealous.

vexations said...

God I hate when that happens

Avah said...

That's what I was using! It's absolutely my favorite toy.

But alas I just didn't have that extra 60 seconds... :(