29 January 2007

Art Class Ruins Everything

I hate painting now.

I hated ceramics once I took ceramics class.

And now I hate painting now that I'm in painting class. There's too much pressure for me to paint something good. Or at least identifiable. And it's hard not reverting to abstract.

I'm supposed to be in class right now. But I came back to get a new canvas. Cause I was seriously gonna cry and melt down looking at that other one. That I fully intend to gesso over.

It's just frustrating to not be able to make what I want.

And now that I'm frustrated and in tears it's even harder to move forward.

I guess I'll go back to class now and figure something out.

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glengarryleads said...

Avah, as a professional working artist, I have to say this to you...At your age, EVERYONE sucks at painting. As with life-drawing and other "hands-on" art medums, unfortunately, you MUST go through the period of "sucking" before you get to the period of "not sucking so much".

Mileage, mileage, mileage. Draw everyday. Paint everyday. Try painting smaller paintings (perhaps small squares) so you do not have to anguish over unfilled canvas. Actually, i think it is virtually criminal for an art teacher to start beginning painting students out on large canvases.

When I started taking art classes...*I* most certainly sucked ass, and I had to deal with the fact that I was also not getting laid (unlike you). My drawings were a mess. Putting them on the wall for a critique was painful. But drawing and painting is like running or working out...the mnore you do it, the more you stay on top of it and master it. Walk away from it, and your skills degrade.

If there is a life-drawing class that you can attend, do it...and sit-in even if you are not in the class anymore.

Just keep doing the painting. Painting requires extreme patience (something our youth of instant gratification often finds difficult to appreciate). Turn the computer off, turn the mobile phone off. If you do not put in the time, then your paiting will suck ass. As you gain experience, you'll be able to do them faster and with greater technical skill. Just do not stop painting. Evebn if you Gesso-over them all (yes, they will still suck after you become famous) you just keep on painting. Do not quit.

Everyone that is good (and you are jealous of)? They all put in the requisite mileage and time. There are no shortcuts. Natural talent only gets one so far. And those other people are not the ones paiting your shit. Worry about your own skill level, and never theirs. NEVER.

And remember, you do not suck...only your work sucks right now. And the work will improve. And so will you. Relax. Paint Jefferson's erect cock some time (and do what you have to do to keep it erect).