06 December 2006

Nothingness Update

Not a whole lot to update on. My job's still awesome, even when my feet ache at the end of the day. And even when I get crazy and nasty customers. But it's customer's like last night that make it worth it. I worked with this one woman for maybe 20-30 minutes picking out gold earrings. They had to be around $50, so I pulled a few different styles in the price range and helped her narrow down and I modeled them. Even though it was a tiny sale, I was perfectly patient and helpful the whole time. When she had ended up pick a $60 pair, I happened to notice a cheaper pair in the same style hoop, but just a little smaller. As I took her to the cashier, she asked if my manager was there that night. I have about 5 different managers and I pointed out one that just happened to be in sight. I called him over and as I was walking away, I over heard her telling him how good of a job I'd done being so patient and helpful. I beamed because I really want to keep this job once the season is over, and those kinds of things will really give me an edge.

Plus I've lost 5 pounds! I noticed last night my work pants were a little loose cause I had to keep hoisting them up and I didn't want to weigh myself until after my period was finished, which happened to be today, and I saw I've lost 5 pounds since like Thanksgiving! Yay!

And I did another painting last night. I haven't done any painting at all since a few weeks ago when I got in a really bad fight with a roommate. But the other day when I was driving back to school, going east, I just saw the most beautiful sunset sky and knew I had to paint it. The sky was so clear and so beautiful, with only a few clouds that just looked like they were floating on strings. And then there was the moon. A bright, full, silvery moon. And I just had to paint it. All that's left for me to do is add some clouds.

Oh, and also a certain someone (Mitzi) got me my eggnog lip balm from my Amazon list!! Which made me sooo happy because I actually really really wanted that and would've just gotten it for myself had somone not gotten it for me.

So, those are the good things in my life right now.

Everything else I'm kinda depressed about and almost on the verge of tears the past few days. Plus everytime I get out of bed I just feel like climbing back into it and going back to sleep. And I do.

Maybe you could cheer me up with a gift subscription to a Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club? Or maybe just even a bouquet of my favorite flowers, Gebera Daisies? I'm also amenable to a funny book, like a collection of Get Fuzzy comics or maybe a funny movie like Over the Hedge to make me laugh.

I'm always open to other suggestions too. You can go see my whole list for other ideas over at Amazon. They even gave me this cool button I can post to make it easy for you.

My Amazon.com Wish List

It's also over on the side bar too for easy access.

I dunno, maybe I'll take another nap now.

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The Teacher said...

Congratulations! It is always difficult, in retail, to get customers to compliment you and to a manager? Wow, that is so much better.

Feels great when those pants get a little baggy in the waist.

Way to go!