18 December 2006

Holy Fuck- Stop the Presses!!

My sister JUST called ME!

I'm telling you, she never calls me.

She must want something. Or she's gonna try and get me to make up with Dad.

I dunno if I should really call her back. She rarely calls me back. She didn't call me back the last time I called her in October...


Yep, I was right. I called her back even though I'm babysitting and she was trying to convince me to make up with Dad and that it was silly I was ruining all kinds of relationships because we're having a disagreement about France.

But I'm just all kinds of upset right now and can't really write much more about it right now.


Pyrhonik said...


I'm all shades of curious as to what could be your disagreement about France. Perhaps some light on the disagreement might help.

Good luck,


Avah said...

Back in September I posted about how my Dad doesn't approve of my studying abroad in France and he thus won't pay for it either.