02 December 2006

Copy Cat

So I've followed in Jefferson's foot steps and decided to create an Amazon Wish List.

My Amazon.com Wish List

The way I see it is considering how much of myself I've shared over the last 8 months, some of you probably couldn't help but learn to love me, and what better way to show your love and appreciation by showering me with gifts? ;-)

I've included things in every price range from $8 Eggnog Lip Balm to $40 Americans in Paris (art book) all the way up to a $200 Green Amethyst Ring and even a $6,000 Breitling Watch!

I know, I know. I'm not expecting it, it's just my fantasy watch. Something I'd get myself if I won the lottery or something.

But key items I should mention:

An external hard drive. OMG I need one so badly!! I only have 2GB of space left on my desk top (it's all that porn! Lol.) But seriously, I need space for my music and photos!

And speaking of photos... I've listed a digital camera too. See I have this camera, that's really only 2 years old, but it sucks. It's a good camera, but it still sucks. I just can't get my pictures to be clear and not blurry. So, this camera I picked out has SteadyShot Stabilization. Awesome!

Sooo...with my new digital camera I can take more pictures to post for you all, but only of course if I have the space with a hard drive!

I also added this flower that I've been searching years for. The potted version. So I can plant it.

I'm also obsessed right now with anything green amethyst. Yes, green amethyst! I didn't know it existed either until the other day! So I added some rings that looked pretty awesome.

So take a gander and if you're in the generous mood, I hope you spread some this way!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Avah

Make sure that the camera you have your eyes on doesn't have electronic Image Stabilisation. It degrades the quality of the image. Some people (including me) prefer Canon's system.

Yrs in pervery, Adrian