06 November 2006

Thought I'd Write Something

So, except for my fun Friday night, I've had a pretty blah weekend. Didn't do much other than babysit.

I didn't even paint! And I barely wrote anything for my next story... just a few paragraphs.

I think it maybe because my sleeping is so off. I've become very nocturnal. I'm up until 3 most nights (5 am and 4am the last 2!) And sleep til noon or later when possible! Not good.

Especially since I start my job this weekend and I'm going to have to get used to waking up at like 9 on mornings when I work (which, thankfully isn't every day!)

Last week when I went to Jefferson in the morning, I felt like a walking zombie having to get up before 9! And I crashed for 3 hours as soon as I walked back into my room.

But I just made a dentist appointment for my toothache and was lucky enough to get in tomorrow. Which is very convenient because I wanted to go home and do laundry (I'm all out of my favorite underwear) and vote!

I have no idea who the democrat canidate is though, cause all the campaign ads on TV are all so vile. Especially the CT ones!! (Not sure why I'm getting those in NJ though...)

Make sure you all vote tomorrow!! Well, at least all the democrats. Lol. Republicans, there's a huge Voting Day Sale at Macy's! Go shop! Since you love to spend money so much...

Ok, ok, enough politics. Especially since I don't know too much.

Next on my list is to get my car looked at since the engine light when on the other day. Oh, and get my oil changed.

And also get some work clothes. I need a blazer and some dressy shoes.

So much to do! Too much for a depressed person!

But tonight I'll relax. Head home and watch some of my TiVoed Nip/Tuck episodes, maybe work on my daisy painting some more (I want to touch up the petals a little and add some more shading...)

I could go for a nap right now. (I woke up at noon, but fell asleep around 4)

Ok bubalas, I might just go close my eyes for a little bit since the brat (the kid I babysit for) is sleeping too...

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FritzVonT said...

I vote for watching "Heroes". It's my current favorite show.