07 November 2006

Gah! Dentist!

So lately I've had a tooth ache that's been on and off bothersome for the past few months. I'd wake up with a dull ache some mornings in my jaw but it'd go away by breakfast.

For the past week and a half or two weeks, it's been hurting almost every day, even to the point where I've needed to take Advil. And I was hesitant to go to the dentist because I was worried I'd have to get a root canal since the pain was so far down.

But of course I didn't want it to get worse. And I made the appointment, luckily enough on election day, so I could kill 2 birds (3 if you include laundry) with one trip home.

So I'm sitting in the chair and he's poking around to see what hurts, doing the awfulness with the air puffs and settled on an x-ray to see what was going on. He also gave me some novicane to help with the pain and incase he needed to do any work.

Well the x-ray came back and there was a big dark spot down by the root of my tooth. And absess. Ugh.

So he drilled a hole in my filling and basically performed a root canal, inserting these long bristly things down into my tooth, down to the root and cleaning out the absess. Also meaning it was releaving the pressure. Once it was all clean he added a little medicine to stop the bacteria growth and put a temporary filling back in. I have my script for penicillin now and I have to go back for the 2nd half of the procedure.

I'm just waiting for the numbness to go away so I can chew and swallow again cause I'm hungry!!

God I really do hate going to the dentist!


Lizzie said...

EEK! Not the dentist!! I've never had a cavity or anything done to my mouth other than getting my wisdom teeth out(and I was asleep for that), but if you really wanna freak me out, tell me I need to go get dental work done- in my mind, that has got to be the worst kind of torture EVER!

But I do like the spit-sucky thing dentists use when they clean your teeth :)

FritzVonT said...

I'm good friends with my dentist. I play basketball with him...figure it's a good system, he elbows me in the mouth, he's obligated to fix it for free.