02 November 2006


1st endeavor outside of my abstract paintings (of which a small sample is now hanging on Jefferson's wall):

The bigger one, a success, I think:

Next to do, a Gerbera daisy, my favorite flower:

I did a preliminary sketch and mixed the basic color (though struggling to match that orange, so it might be a pink flower) and ready to start tomorrow! Woo!


Travon Boykins said...

Very cool. Kind of reminds me of Takeshi Kitano's art work.

Anonymous said...

You probably won't hit that orange unless you are willing to shell out the bucks for cadmium based paint. Try mixing cadmium red with some yellow.

Acrylics and oils have their biggest weaknesses in intense reds and oranges, that is, unless you are willing to pay for cadmium. Sucks, eh?

Lizzie said...

damn, I wish I had any artistic ability at all.. Gerbera daisies are my favorites, too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Avah!
Cool pictures and paintings! Gerbera Daisies actualy are indigineous from South Africa where I live. You must come and watch them in their natural habitat one day! Take care


Avah said...

Thanks for the tip Glen! I never knew you knew paint. I do have my self some cadmium red and even orange and I'm actually pleased with the color I got (don't ask me what's in it though! Lol).

(Also, Jefferson thinks you should buy me paint, lol)

And thanks to everyone else for the compliments :-)