02 October 2006

Water Babies

Mitzi and I climbed out of bed, tucking Jefferson in as he slept soundly (that mean's snoring) and went about getting ready.

Mitzi fed and walked Molly as I got my swimsuit and scavenged for towels.

"Shoot, did we miss the sunrise?" I said once we got the beach around 6:30. "Though I don't think there will be one."

The sky was so grey and the air was chill. It was more like an autumn morning than a late August one.

Mitzi and I set our stuff down on the deserted beach and jumped into the ocean. We had more girl talk as we splashed in the waves for the next hour and a half. With the water being warmer than the air, it was hard to pull ourselved out, but did eventually when the current got too strong.

There were no lifeguards or even other people, we weren't stupid.

We got back to the house and found Jefferson exactly as we had left him. We took turns in the shower and after mine, I dressed in my cozy sweats as I had a chill and couldn't stop shivering and snuggled under the covers next to Jefferson. Mitzi came back to bed once she got out of the shower and the three of us slept for a few hours.

We woke around noon for breakfast. Er, lunch. Well, brunch really since we had eggs and taylor ham (a very special Jersey treat).

After we finished eating, we packed up again and the three of us headed to the beach. The only people there this time were the surfers. Jefferson and Mitzi set up their beach chairs and we went to test the water. Jefferson and I thought the water was too cold, but Mitzi was perfectly content in the waves.

Jefferson and I went back to our spot and I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and wrapped myself in towels to keep warm. We watched Mitzi, the water baby, splashing in the waves, and I listened as Jefferson read the beginning of a new book out loud.

After a little while, Mitzi came out and sat back with us.

The weather hadn't improved at all and I was so disappointed it turned out to be so yucky when they were visiting, especially considering how beautiful most of the summer was. They said they didn't care and were just happy to be down at the beach with me.

I kept my eye on the time because we'd have to leave soon to get ready before our guest from Philly, Dave, would be arriving. When it was time, we packed our stuff up and stopped to get some things for dinner.

The liquor store was first. We need some more bourbon. Lol.

"Can we go inside in our bathing suits?" Mitzi asked.
"Of course, it's a beach town. It's totally normal," I assured her.

We went in and Mitzi walked around and picked out some red wine for dinner and Jefferson just got a pint of bourbon.

I know.

We stopped at WaWa next to just pick up some milk and a loaf of bread.

"These are really good milkshakes," I said pointing to a case with plactic cups. "You take one of these cups, pull the lid and put it in the machine and it sucks it up, adds milk and mixes it to the consistancy you want. The chocolate is really yummy."
"Ooh, that sounds so awesome! I'll have to have one before I go back home," Mitzi said.

We headed back to the house and cleaned up and waited for our guest to arrive.

We were expecting him at 5, and got a little worried when 5 came and he hadn't come or called. But the phone rang and it was him, he was just a few minutes away.

Soon we heard a car outside and we saw him pull up in his Jeep.

"He's here, you guys," I announced.

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Lizzie said...

oooh the beach.. I can almost smell the water and feel the seaspray.. *sigh* yet another reason fall sucks.. no more warm sunny beach :(