29 October 2006

Spanking/BDSM Survey

Have you ever...

1. Posted to a spanking/BDSM newsgroup/bulletin board/mailing list? Yes

2. Bought/downloaded spanking/BDSM pictures? Yes

3. Bought/downloaded spanking/BDSM magazines or literature? Yes

4. Been in a spanking/BDSM chat room? Yes

5. Bought spanking/BDSM-related books in a real bookstore? Yes

6. Written a spanking/BDSM story? Yes

7. Looked up the word "spank" or other BDSM term in the dictionary? Yes

8. Bought/watched a spanking/BDSM video? Yes

9. Cyber-spanked someone or been cyber-spanked? No

1o. Watched someone else get spanked in real life? Yes

11. Been to a fetish shop? Yes

12. Purchased toys specifically for spanking? Yes

13. Made your own spanking toys? No

14. Spent more than $100 on a single spanking toy? Yes

15. Owned 10 or more spanking toys? No (not yet at least, lol)

16. Had a spanking fantasy while masturbating? Yes

17. Had a spanking fantasy about a real life spanking you'd seen/read about? Yes

18. Had a spanking fantasy while having sex? Yes

19. Spanked/been spanked while touching intimately? Yes

20. Spanked/been spanked during sex? Yes

21. Had an orgasm while spanking/being spanked? No

22. Spanked/been spanked with no specifically sexual overtones whatsoever? No

23. Spanked/been spanked on the bare bottom? Yes

24. Spanked/been spanked for more than 10 minutes? Yes

25. Spanked/been spanked for more than an hour? No

26. Been involved in a situation where if something went wrong, the only means to stop the scene was a safeword? Yes

27. Used your safeword/ had someone use their safeword? No

28. Spanked/been spanked where there was no safeword? Yes

Spanked/been spanked with:

29. A hand? Yes

30. Paddle? Yes

31. Hairbrush? No

32. Ruler? No

33. Spoon? Yes

34. Cane? Yes

35. Switch/birch? No

36. Crop? Yes

37. Belt/strap? Yes

38. Flogger/whip? Yes

39. Implement with holes? No, don't think so

40. Ordinary object not intended for spanking, such as a remote control or shoe? No

Have you ever...

41. Broken a toy (over someone's bottom) during spanking play? No

42. Switched? (been spanked if you are primarily a top, or spanked someone if you are primarily a bottom) Yes

43. Spanked/been spanked on the back of the thighs? Yes

44. Spanked/been spanked on the front of/inside of the thighs? No

45. Spanked/been spanked on the breasts/genitals? No

46. Wet your/your partner's bottom to make it sting more? No

47. Spanked/been spanked outside? No

48. Spanked/been spanked in a hotel? Yes

49. Spanked/been spanked in a car? No

50. Spanked/been spanked in a bath, shower or hot tub? No

51. Made someone do something/been made to do something they/you did not want to do? No

52. Punished someone/been punished for not doing something correctly or refusing to do something in a scene? Yes

53. Punished someone/been punished for a real life issue? No

54. Used spanking "talk"? (i.e. "You've been very naughty," "I'll be good." etc.) No

55. Been involved in the acting out of a roleplay fantasy? Yes

56. Been involved in the acting out of an ageplay fantasy? No

57. Asked for/been asked for a spanking? Yes

58. Made someone/been made to count the spanks? Yes

59. Made someone stand/stood in the corner? No

60. Made someone stand/stood in the corner for more than 5 minutes? No

61. Been provoked/provoked someone into spanking you by acting like a brat? Yes

62. Deliberately disobeyed/had someone deliberately disobey, in order to get spanked? No

63. Kept a list of "infractions" to spank/be spanked for later? No

64. Spanked yourself? No

65. Spanked yourself at the instruction of someone else/instructed someone to spank him/herself? Yes

66. Required someone to/been required to call someone Sir/Ma'am/Master/Mistress/Mommy/Daddy/some-other-variation during spanking play? Yes

67. Met someone specifically for spanking play? Yes

68. Travelled more than 100 miles to spank/be spanked? Possibly, or close to it

69. Placed/answered a spanking personal? Yes

70. Gone to a play party or club? No

71. Participated in play with someone at a play party or club? No

72. Spanked/been spanked by someone whose name you didn't know? No

73. Paid or been paid to spank someone? No

74. Been involved in a spanking scene with more than one person at a time? Yes

75. Spanked/been spanked by both men and women? (not necessarily at the same time)? Yes

76. Spanked/been spanked on a spanking horse or someother piece of furniture specifically designed for spanking? No

77. Made videotapes of your spanking play? Yes

78. Taken pictures of/had your partner take pictures of you during or after spanking play? Yes

79. Admired your/your partner's bottom in the mirror after a spanking? Yes

80. Spanked someone/been spanked nude? Yes

81. Bought new underwear specifically for spanking play? No

82. Worn fetish clothing (schoolgirl outfit, leather, etc?) Yes

83. Worn fetish clothing in public? No

84. Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting afterward? Yes

85. Spanked/been spanked so that the spankee had trouble sitting the next day? Yes

86. Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing? Yes

87. Spanked/been spanked so there were marks/bruises showing for more than a day? Yes

88. Had to explain your marks to a vanilla person? No

Been involved with any of the following in connection with spanking play?

89. Restraint (ie. holding someone down, trapping their legs, etc.)? Yes

90. Restraint with ropes, cuffs, scarves or other bondage toys? Yes

91. Blindfolds? Yes

92. Gags? Yes

93. Nipple clamps/clothespins? Yes

94. Icy hot or some other heat-enhancing cream? No

95. Ginger root or some other burning/stinging substance inserted anally? No

96. A butt plug, dildo or vibrator? Yes

97.Mouthsoaping? No

98. Enemas? No

99. Temperature taking? No

100. Cried/made someone cry from a spanking? No

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Edtime Stories said...

that is quite a quiz.... wonder who will take it.