26 October 2006

Shit, Piss, and Corruption

I need money. In the worst way possible.

I've gone through about $1,100 since the beginning of September.

And now I have to pay back parking tickets so my roommate can register for classes because my car is registered under her name (long story). And I'm about to cry because my mom won't lend me the money and wants me to use my tuition refund for this, which means I'll have about $100 to live on until the end of December. For all my groceries and gas.

I'm seriously about to cry.

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Aragorn said...

Was playbing my game of "blog hopping" and landed here ... Excellent and intimate blog you have running ! Glad I found it, will be back for more (loved some of the 'anal' posts, among others). Cheers - A