19 October 2006

I Had To Laugh

So, I my mom came out to school today and we went and got dinner. It was sweet. It was cause I left my phone in my car and so wasn't picking up for like 2 days and she got worried. Just cause I was too lazy to get my phone, lol.

But that's not the funny part.

The funny part is on the way back to school she tells me she's going to put my bedside stand in my closet down at the beach house.

My bedside stand with allllllll my sex toys.

"You looked in the drawers didn't you Mom."
"The top one or the middle one?"
"All of them..."
"OMG! Why wouldn't you stop after the 1st one?"
"I was hoping there wouldn't be more."
"Oh God. Well, I have stuff in my closet too."
"You do? Oh God. Where?"
"Hanging on the wall."
"OMG you have whips?!"
"Haha, um, just one. And it's small." (I also have a cane and crop, but I thought I'd rather not explain those).
"Oh this is more than a mother wants to know."
"It's ok. I was certainly surprised when I was looking to borrow socks one day."
"Oh God."

And I just laughed and laughed.

I thought it was pretty funny.


FritzVonT said...

OK, that is funny. Thanks for the laugh!

Jefferson said...

"I hoped there wouldn't be more."

Sex toys are like potato chips, ma--you can't stop at just one.