07 October 2006

I Could Just Cry Right Now

Detroit just beat the Yankees. The Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs!!

I'm just so heartbroken right now.

God damn it A-Rod!! I blame this entirely on you!!!

But I'm hoping we can still get a NY team in the World Series, so from now on, it's go Mets. (We all know I like switching, domme-sub, boys-girls, Yankees-Mets!) Lol.

But still! I really wanted a Subway Series. And this was the last year the Yankees had a good chance at the World Series. God, they were first in the division!! Mother Fucker!! What is this shit?!

I'm going to cry now...


Squinky said...

I still have hope for my beloved Redbirds. Not that they'll make the series, I'd just like to see them make it out of the first round of the playoffs.

troutbum said...

Sorry for your loss, well not really! Your team has won, what, 9 in a row at the same time the Detroits have been the doormat of the American league. Same story as the Pistons of a few years ago - an underrated band of castoffs, overlooked and undervalued performers and generally speaking underdogs has toppled the best - and this fan is proud!

Lizzie said...

I am completely and totally heartbroken that my Yankees lost.. although I dont blame it on A-Rod (still dont like him tho), I blame it on Detroit's freakin fabulous pitching.. Kenny Rogers.. where did he pull THAT from?? Anyway, I'm all over the Mets now, but my mom informed me that they shouldnt win because they the NY on their hats looks like a chicken on a stick.. go figure!

So yeah, Go Mets! (I cant believe I just said that!)

Avah said...

I just am so disappointed they were eliminated in the 1st round!

But I went to my 1st Mets game this summer and I was whole-heartedly cheering for them. Had you told me 2 years ago I would ever cheer for the Mets, I would have laughed in your face! Lol. But I don't hate the Mets, I kinda like them. Maybe that makes me a bad Yankee fan, but oh well.

Go Mets!

Frank Spanko said...

My dear -

I'm so sorry for the failure of your beloved Yankees (go Tigers!). They are such a great team (I-Rod over A-Rod any day) and have an excellent manager (Jim Leyland rocks). And they have such a benevolent owner (but Mike Illich makes better pizza). You have my sympathies (Tigers over Oakland in 6).

In sympathy,

P.S. Mike Illich owns the Tigers. He is also the founder and owner of the Little Caeser's Pizza chain.